(this) Fighter Girls misison statement?

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    Post subject: (this) Fighter Girls misison statement? PostPosted: Sun Mar 26, 2006 6:46 pm


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    Just some random brain rumblings to some questons I get from people about why I fight. Thought I’d share, and see what you all think.

    I am a fighter chick.
    I do not fight because I am tough.
    Tough has many more meanings than the sheer ability to give or take a punch.
    I do not fight to scare you.
    If I do, than there are insecurities within yourself that you need to realize.
    I do not fight because I like pain.
    Pain is accepted if it is constructive. Pain without a purpose is pointless.
    I do not fight to prove that girls are just like men.
    We’re not. We’re different, and our strengths are in different areas. We are men’s compliment, not their competition.
    I do not fight because I’m angry.
    Anger is a lack of control, and a tool your opponent can use against you.
    I do not fight to stay in shape.
    I don’t care what my size or shape is, as long as it gives me an advantage over my opponent.
    I do not fight because I’m violent.
    Violence is a part of life. I embrace it within the confines of the ring. Outside of the ring, I refuse to be it’s victim, just as I refuse to have the rest of my life ruled by it.
    So. Why do I fight?


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    Well said.


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    Thank you. 🙂 I’m sure I missed some, but those seem to be the big ones that people throw my way.


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    Ha ha! 😀 I love it!!!


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