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    Post subject: This might sound weird butPostPosted: Tue Jan 25, 2005 2:01 am
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    does anybody apart from me take photos if they get a really cool bruise?

    A while ago I had a massive bruise caused by kicking someone’s elbow during training on the front part of my foot, you know the multi-coloured rainbow bruises, and I thought it was great. It was the biggest bruise I’d ever had and took photo’s of it.

    I had a fight on Saturday and although I lost, the girl I fought has a lump and bruise on her head from it and it got me thinking that I’d be taking pictures of it.

    I suppose I see them as my battle scars, I’m proud of them in a weird way, and if something hurts I want to have something to show for it. Isn’t it really irritating when you really hurt something and there isn’t even a tiny mark and then people don’t believe that you hurt it at all and continue to aim for that very spot?


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    I did that once, because I had a rough grappling days and had like 10 (literally) all over my legs. I looked poka dot. no idea where the picture went. I never did it again because I felt stupid doing it,haha! I took a pic of my taped feet once 3 years ago because I was like, Wow my poor feet, and then my training partner called me a weirdo. 🙁 he was a meanie!


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    Yup done it. Collar choke bruises are the most famous in my scrapbook. I haven’t fought in MMA so I don’t have any really cool ones in there. On e black eye though. I have one that is non MMA related where a tree fell on me. Now that was awesome. So I have to admit that I am interested in bruises, but my mommy always told me I was a weird on. I see it as a a journel as where I have been and a look back at the path that I have had to take to get where I am.


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