UFC Fact or Fiction?

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    Post subject: UFC Fact or Fiction? PostPosted: Thu Jun 09, 2005 9:02 am
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    Here is my opinion and is open to all comments…..

    I did not watch the UFC when Randy Lost to Chuck…. I was surprised that Randy lost but on the other hand knew that it was going to happen soon not because his odds of losing would get better each time he fought but… Ok who really is going to pay $40.00 to see Randy keep beating these 3 guys over and over?????? In my thoughts I was bored to watching the same fighters fighting each other..

    In my thoughts the fight was rigged for more $$$$$ to me the UFC was like watching Tom and Jerry (for those too young its a cartoon about a cat and mouse. The mouse Jerry always beat Tom). Fun to watch but not something I would pay for….


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