UFC fights From Monday Oct 3

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    Chad Moechnig

    Post subject: UFC fights From Monday Oct 3 PostPosted: Tue Oct 04, 2005 8:05 am

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    I couldnt believe Koshchek lost in the last 30 seconds……it was a incredible ending too a otherwise one sided match. Lebon with an arm bar submission, hell has truly frozen over, that in itself was a real surprise. It was also nice to see a series of well placed knees fall a giant. What was a physical mismatch was won with better technical skill. All in all an entertaining event. Anyone else have opinions on the matches? 😀 😀


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    I think they were some very entertaining fights. I was suprised at the Koschek match, disappointed with the Leben match (I really don’t like him!), and impressed with those elbows that were Tanner’s downfall!! Hopefully Friday’s PPV will be as exciting.


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    lebon looked great. i was impressed by him, baby face looked too much like a chihuahua spazzing around the cage it was a bit annoying


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    Koscheck is very skilled and technically amazing. Never liked Leben though.


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    Koscheck was taking Fickett down and kept him there on his back the whole match. Every time they stood them up, Koscheck was taking him right down. We missed the takedown in the early second round, which for some reason they didn`t show. Anyway, Koscheck would have got the decision if he didn`t get caught with that knee and put to sleep.


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