USA Women’s Wrestling team public appearances

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    Post subject: USA Women’s Wrestling team public appearancesPostPosted: Thu Jun 17, 2004 6:41 pm

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    Submitted by: Eddie Goldman/ADCC Wrestling Editor
    Posted On 06/17/2004
    Following their competition this weekend at the Titan Games in Atlanta, all four women wrestlers who are members of the 2004 U.S. Olympic Team will be coming to New York next week for a pre-Olympic training camp. They will be training at the di Silvestri Wrestling Center on the campus of Monsignor Farrell High School on Staten Island.

    Besides these training sessions, they will also be making at least two major public appearances.

    They will be guests on NBC’s ‘Today Show’ on the morning of Thursday, June 24. They will be interviewed outside in Rockefeller Center, and thus be seen not only by television viewers but also by the many people who come to witness that show’s outdoor portions. We expect more information on that appearance shortly, including approximately what time their segment will be televised.

    On Friday, June 25, these wrestlers will also be shooting a demo at the offices of CSTV, College Sports Television, the new network that has been airing more wrestling than any other.

    This clinic will start at about 6 PM EDT at the Skating Rink located at Pier 61 in the Chelsea Piers in Manhattan. Chelsea Piers is located north of the Holland Tunnel and south of the Lincoln Tunnel directly off the 23rd street exit. When you enter Chelsea Piers, make a right turn to Pier 61 and the Skating Rink.

    Note well that both USA Wrestling and the Metropolitan Wrestling Association are stressing that the public is invited and encouraged to attend this public clinic.

    As has been pointed out before, women’s wrestling is the only new sport on the program of the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece. These women are thus making Olympic history. This will be the team’s one and only opportunity to be seen by the public in New York City prior to the Olympic Games.

    Here are brief bios of the four women wrestlers who will be competing in Athens, as well as their coaches, Tricia and Townsend Saunders, and Terry Steiner.
    48 kg/105.5 lbs. – Patricia Miranda, Saratoga, Calif., 24 years old, Stanford Univ. grad to start Yale Law next year, Selected for Newsweek’s Who’s Next yearend issue, 2x World silver medalist.

    55 kg/121 lbs. – Tela O’Donnell, Homer, Alaska, 21 years old, college student, plays the guitar, upset 2x World silver medalist to make U.S. team, 2003 National champion.

    63 kg/138.75 lbs – Sara McMann, Lock Haven, Pa., 23 years old, Lock Haven U grad where she wrestled on the men’s varsity Div. I team, Theatre student, 2003 World silver medalist.

    72 kg/158.5 lbs. – Toccara Montgomery, Cleveland, Ohio, 21 years old, college student on women’s varsity team at Cumberland College, also a wrestling referee, 2x World silver medalist.
    Olympic coaches Tricia and Townsend Saunders – A married couple who were both selected as Olympic coaches’ She is a four-time World champion, the most of any U.S. woman wrestler… He was a 1996 Olympic silver medalist wrestler… They have two kids’ They met through the wrestling program at Arizona State… Townsend coached 2003 US World Team, Tricia coached 2003 Pan Am Games team.

    Olympic Coach and National Women’s Coach Terry Steiner – Former NCAA champion at Iowa under legendary Dan Gable… never considered coaching women until recruited by USA Wrestling for this job… Led US to strong 2003 World performance, and team titles at Pan Am Games and World Cup.

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    It would be really awesome to get one of the women to post here!!!!

    Post subject: PostPosted: Sat Jun 26, 2004 12:37 pm

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    New Article on Patricia Miranda on Abu Dhabi Website

    Submitted by: Eddie Goldman/ADCC Wrestling Editor
    Posted On 06/25/2004
    NEW YORK, June 23 — The four American women wrestlers who are members of the U.S. Olympic Team had just finished their appearances on NBC’s ‘Today Show,’ and were standing next to 30 Rockefeller Center awaiting their limo ride, courtesy of NBC, to that day’s practice site. Well-wishers smiled and offered them encouragement of ‘Good luck,’ as others asked for and received autographs. While all this was going on, it seemed like an opportune time to conduct an interview with the wrestler that seems to be emerging as a sort of team leader, and certainly has garnered the most media attention, Patricia Miranda.

    There are many reasons for the spotlight being shone so brightly on Miranda. For one, she is highly articulate and personable. For another, her much-told tale of her overcoming her father’s once-stubborn opposition to wrestling by maintaining a straight-A average is the kind of unique human interest story that translates well into a great sports story. On the other hand, many of the types of people who are members of the mainstream media merely look at her academic credentials — graduate of Stanford, accepted to Yale Law School beginning this fall. Perhaps, and unfortunately so, they wouldn’t have granted her so much pre-Olympic ink if those schools were, say, the kind of state colleges which predominate in wrestling.

    Nevertheless, her accomplishments and personality, as well as the novelty of the debut of women’s wrestling at the 2004 Olympics, has made Patricia Miranda, the two-time world silver medalist who will be going for the gold at 48 kg/105.5 lbs. in Athens in August, one of wrestling’s budding stars.

    So I began by asking her if all this attention, including articles in outlets like Newsweek and The New York Times, this NBC appearance, and an upcoming piece in July in People, none of which normally give a hoot about wrestling, has become overwhelming.

    ‘Any time it starts to feel overwhelming I just really remember that any publicity is pretty good for our sport, to get people to watch while we’re in Athens,’ she replied. ‘And it’s one way that I view I can give back to my coaches, to Terry [Steiner] and to the sport, to just bring good light to it, make sure that everybody in America knows that girls can wrestle, and that it’s a sport. So I like it as a way to give back, because as an athlete sometimes you’re so self-centered, I’m glad I can do something for the sport.’

    Nor does she see all this media attention affecting her competition.

    ‘I find that a lot of journalists and photo editors are all so accommodating,’ commented Miranda. ‘So nobody really trounces on my workout time. And I don’t really view it as pressure. I just view it as an opportunity to get people interested. But I own my performance. I own my wins and losses. So I don’t see it crossing over so much.’

    Still, some of her recent performances on the mat have raised questions about how she will do at the Olympics. At the Titan Games in Atlanta on Sunday, she was shut out by a score of 4-0 by Canadian wrestler Lyndsay Belisle, who will also be competing in her weight class in Athens.

    ‘We’ve met up several times, and she’s a very solid wrestler,’ said Miranda, who then proceeded to explain what had happened in that match. ‘Me and my coach really viewed the Titan Games as a chance to try a lot of my new stuff that I’ve been working on, see what’s working and what’s not. So I think it was really useful to see a couple of things that aren’t really working, some strategies. So I’ll make sure to revamp those before Athens. And I’m glad I got a chance to figure that out before the Games.’

    Yet another lesson in her continuing education was the finals match at the 2003 World Championships in New York against Irini Merleni of Ukraine. After leading 3-1 at the end of the first period, Miranda surrendered an early takedown in the second period and fell behind 5-3, eventually losing 5-4. That made Merleni a three-time world champ, while Miranda had to settle, at least in 2003. for a silver medal.

    ‘From that match, man, I learned so much,’ stated Miranda. ‘A lot of it is basic positioning. Aside from the score, I didn’t dominate head positions. I didn’t really get her off-balance, driving with my shots. So that we’ve corrected. About holding a lead, I’ve learned that I need to be ready right off the whistle. The takedown that relinquished the lead for me came right at the beginning of the half. And so, I’m good a minute into it when I get flowing. So I’ve been working really being ready right off the whistle, right into my game. So that was good to learn, too.’

    So far for Miranda this trip to New York, centered around a week-long training camp at the di Silvestri Wrestling Center in Staten Island, has been a delight.

    ‘Wow. Everybody’s treating us so great. The city’s a little overwhelming for me. I’m sort of smaller town,’ the native of Manteca, California, said, laughing. But even this has given her another lesson in her continuing education.

    ‘It’s really neat to get a chance to do it — and to train in humidity and also to train in a new situation and have to get accustomed. So that’s what we’re going to have to do in Greece as well.’

    Miranda’s next public appearance in New York comes on Friday evening, along with her Olympic teammates Tela O’Donnell, Sara McMann, and Toccara Montgomery. It will be at 6 PM at the headquarters of CSTV. Here is that information:
    Come take on the first-ever U.S. Women’s Olympic Wrestling Team
    6/22/2004 Jen Stein/CSTV

    College Sports Television is hosting and televising a public demonstration featuring the first-ever U.S. Olympic women’s wrestling team on their road to Athens for the Olympic Games later this summer.

    Spectators will have an opportunity to participate in the demonstration and be a part of CSTV’s telecast, hosted by Sid Rosenberg.

    When: Friday, June 25th, 6:00 p.m.

    Where: Chelsea Piers, Main Plaza, Pier 62, 23rd Street & the Hudson River

    More information: Call (212) 342-8800, email or log onto

    Group Reservations: call or email in advance to reserve time with the athletes for pictures and autographs and a tour of CSTV’s Studio.

    Cost: Free

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    Who have these gals been training against to prepare for the olypics, and how is do we fare as far as the comeptition goes? I am really excited that we have made the step that we now have a womens team out there. Are we one of the last countries to move on up to this level, or are there still a lot of the third world countries that still believe that women should not do what they love?

    By the way thanks for the info. I am always the last to find out new info. I am about a year behind in sports news unless it is mma related.

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    I don’t know how many coutries have olympic womens wrestling teams for this olympics…BUT there is an interesting story about womens wrestling which will bring a lot of attention.

    The US Womens wrestling scene has been going on for a while. I’ve just started reading up on it this year, but they evidently have had some pretty crazy competitions over the past couple of years. They have “world” competitions which mimic the Olympic events by pitting teams from multiple countries.

    The interesting story that I was talking about is the rivalry between the U.S. womens team and the Japanese Womens team. Team Japan has been the top dog for the past few years, but evidently the U.S. Team has not only caught up with them, they also won the last “world” competition back in November. That sets the stage for the upcoming Olympics. It is going to be very dramatic!

    This is comparable to the rivalry between the U.S. women’s soccer team
    and the Chinese women’s soccer team when they had the World Cup competitions 4 years ago. The finals of that event sold out a stadium of 115,000 people. The result of that event was the start of a Women’s national League for soccer in the U.S. (At least, that is the last I heard of it). That event inspired MANY young girls to try out for Soccer. You could see tons of young girls in the front rows of the audience.

    The Olympics change everything. With the Olympics in mind, the wrestlers are stepping up their training. After these olympics, I expect to see many young girls inspired to compete in wrestling. There will probably be more women’s wrestlings teams popping up in colleges.

    I don’t know who the Olympic team is training with, but for these Olympics, the U.S. team has world champion wrestlers as coaches : Townsend Saunders and Tricia Saunders


    You can read about these two coaches in this article…

    Tricia & Townsend Saunders: Taking US Women Wrestlers to New Heights
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    Since this is the first time for the women to be able to compete in wrestling at the Olympics, this event is expected to get a lot of press coverage. I’m sure we’ll see a lot of interviews with the Womens Olympic team. I wouldn’t doubt it if they appeared on the front cover of Time Magazine or Sports Illustrated.

    I wish it was easier to obtain information about the Japanese team.

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    btw, thanks to those who voted.
    I atleast know there are some people on here that are interested in this info.

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    …..saunders….was a good wrestler…..when he fought ufc…..extremely fast……….it was just hard for him to adjust to the speed of bjj……..

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