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    Post subject: Warrior Nation Post Posted: Sun Jan 28, 2007 1:47 pm
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    I really think this program was great for the women fighters… I have been reading different sites to see what most have to say… Most have good things to say about female fighters then you have others who cannot stand it.. With each and everyone having an opinion on the subject of MMA. I know that female MMa is getting bigger and bigger. HooknShoot revolution an all female fight card was and as far as I know still the most sold video.

    How and what do you feel about this program?? Please post a reply!


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    I have been watching Warrior Nation, and have been very interested in the female fights. I have no interest at all in the mens fights though.

    And it’s not just a male/female thing, I just find it far more interesting to watch women go at it and see what ways they find to win the fight.

    I’ve found lots of video clips on youtube for female mma fights.

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