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    Post subject: Weight class Post Posted: Fri Aug 25, 2006 6:38 am

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    Okay, I’m just getting into all of this. I love it, now, my question is, @ 5’3 what should my weight class be. I used to be a huge 232, lost a LOT of weight,now, I am down to 155. I have noticed that girls at 5’3 are around 105, I dont honestly remember the last time I was 105, maybe at age 10 lol. So, any info on this would be so very helpful. I honestly am not sure I will be able to cut down that low, so, I am a little worried!!! ❓ ❓ ❓

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    congrates on the weight loss that is fab

    i cant help you with the weight cats but can i ask you how long it took to lose the weight and how you did it? 😳

    i train in mma and want to fight but i have about the same amount of weight as you have lost to lose so if i could bother you for some tips please, especially if it involves a magic spell 🙄

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    Your height does not neccessarily dictate your weight class. You should fight at a weight that you are strong and comfortable at. If you are a lean 135 no one is going to tell you to lose thirty pounds!

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    From what I’ve seen, the girls at 155lbs are generally around 5′ 9″ and up, but there are still a fair number of girls that fight at that weight and are closer to your height (sometimes even shorter). I think it really just depends on how strong you are what weight you’d want to be at.

    Going down in weight isn’t ALWAYS what you want to go for since you want to be strong and not too terribly slow for the weight class (a lot of those lighter girls can be pretty quick). If you feel like it wouldn’t hurt your performance, you might consider trying to drop about 10lbs since you’ll have less height to deal with and there tend to be more girls to fight at that weight. If you’re not comfortable at that weight, don’t worry, fighters come in all shapes and sizes and tall and lean isn’t always what wins.

    I was actually planning to cut down to the next lower weight class (I’m in the 127-132lb weight atm) because I felt I’d likely have an edge of height on the girls around 125lbs, but after looking around I found that the lighter girls there aren’t usually any shorter and there’s a group of girls in that weight that I’d like to avoid fighting until I’ve gained some experience (I’m sure people on this site have head of Jennifer Han and her sister(s?)) and that there’s even a girl who I almost ended up fighting that’s 5′ 11″ and quite skilled.

    So, yeah, don’t worry bout it!

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