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    chad m

    Fighter girls would like to welcome you to the new Fighter girls forum! We want everyone to post great stuff here like the old forum!
    For an example maybe you have a great place to train or a great trainer!
    Body combat class where you train and how you like it!
    Martial arts all forms and how you got interested in it!
    CrossFit training and competitions!
    Just about any workout or if you want to promote your gym !
    Well, just about anything that someone might like to read and comment on! I really don’t want this to be like facebook or twitter for an example I have a couple friends that post all day long from morning breakfast with picture and all day long pictures of nothing important! There will be no pop ups nor advertisement on this forum like other sites! This one is free for each and everyone that will follow the rules no swearing and must be kid friendly!

    Enjoy and please post we all can not just come here to read haha!

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