What brings women to jiu jitsu?

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    Post subject: What brings women to jiu jitsu? Post Posted: Fri Aug 11, 2006 11:28 am

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    I am doing a study for my PhD and am inquiring about why women would do jiu jitsu and what they find there. Anyone willing to comment?

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    I was a tomboy who didn’t like the average girlie things. I’d been doing other competative sports and had done TKD and karate when I decided …there wasn’t enough contact, so I did Judo. From there, I went into BJJ and discovered not only the fun of it as a sport (where i could try my best and test my limits!) but also, it was an asset psychologically. It takes complete focus and by the end of the class, I have a clear relaxed mind, as if I just slept all night.

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    Thanks for responding. I was in between girlish and tomboy as a kid but enjoyed being stronger than the boys because I was a gymnast(until teenage years). Now, after having kids and being 38, I found that BJJ brings back those memories of strength(physical, mental, spiritual). I do believe there are issues with men and women training and the female presence is emerging very, very quickly in this sport now (thanks to the pioneers).

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    Our coach says it’s actually beneficial to the male competitors to have women in the club as – on general – women are smaller than men physically and therefore have a much more technique based approach to BJJ fighting which means that the men who rely on strength based usually struggle and have to adapt their game.

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    What both of you are saying makes sense.

    Like Rox21, my husband trained Oyama karate which is full contact, but eventually found jiu jitsu to be more pure in that you can regularly train full throttle and assess progress more accurately. BJJ creates a undeniable reality for the ego, no?

    Thanks for your comment Tapoutuk. I like your coach! But there are a lot of differing ideas about how well it works for men and women to train together. The strength vs technique axis is one that comes into play when we learn together-especially if the women get good, like you say!! I wonder if women will play a roles in preserving technique for the future of jiu jitsu in this way.


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    The problem with what the coach says is that all men aren’t the same strength. So yeah, while men are generally stronger than women, there’s a GREAT degree of variation in strength between men (not to mention that the strongest women at a gym are stronger than some of the guys). Every gym I’ve ever been around the same thing happens – the guys who try and rely on brute strength learn the hard way that skill and technique matter much more. They often learn via the wiry 150 lb guy that taps them out with ease.

    I, ahem, know of where I speak, being a 240 lb former football player. 😆

    Interestingly enough, I’ve seen the same thing happen with really strong women. Some come to martial arts having always been more athletic and stronger than the other females and just expect their advantages to continue. Happens much less with women of course.

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    I came to bjj because I was always facinated with wrestling. Back when I was in high school (’75-’79) all my male friends were on the wrestling team, but girl could not go out for it. I practiced with them & fell in love with the sport.

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    I first came to BJJ because it was something new that I had zero experience with before. I saw it as a challenge.

    I soon learned that not only was it physically and intellectually challenging but it was a ton of fun as well.

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    I have talked to a couple of former high school wrestlers who say when a girl trained with them they would grope her if she was cute or brutalize her if they weren’t attracted to her.

    I’ve had some conversations lately that make me realize husbands and fathers are pushing female family members to try jiu jitsu cuz they know it’ll protect them. Some of these women don’t get enough from the self defense version of class but aren’t integrating into the regular bjj classes either, for various reasons. You gotta be ok with being the minority, that’s for sure.

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