What do you know about MRSA?

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    Post subject: What do you know about MRSA? Post Posted: Sun Oct 28, 2007 9:02 am

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    Well, I just finished typing this long post on this topic only to time out on my login and have it disappear when I logged back in, very frustrating. Anyway, I’m not about to type all that again so here it is in a nutshell…MRSA is a resiliant strain of staph that is becoming more and more prominant in the USA as well as the world. The media has penned it the “superbug” and most of us have been quick to dismiss it as the normal overdramatizations we see. However I have had two coworkers in the last 8 months contract MRSA while recovering from major surgeries and both have been in dire straights threatened with loss of life and limb because of it. I felt compelled to post this not to cause fear or panic. I believe fear is a product of ignorance and insecurities. I would rather urge all of you to educate yourselves on MRSA. You see, mma fighters, as well as all athletes really, are at high risk for contracting MRSA. It is transfered through cuts, scrapes, scratches and the like. Gyms are overun with staph as well as locker rooms and showers. So keep it clean people, use caution when choosing training partners and sharing gear is a big no-no. And most importantly, get educated, it’s free on the net…look it up.

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    The British hospitals are full of posters and leaflets about MRSA. When entering and leaving a ward there are anti bacterial dispensers to clean your hands.

    Post subject: MRSAPostPosted: Mon Oct 29, 2007 12:08 pm

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    There were more deaths in 2005 from staph than homicide and AIDS COMBINED In the US… and THAT is saying something. (mainly because our homicide rates are really high).

    Schools in Several States Report Staph Infections, and Deaths Raise the Alarm
    Bill Crandall for The New York Times

    SANDY SPRING, Md., Oct. 18 — When the football players here at Sherwood High School were not getting the message about washing their uniforms and using only their own jerseys, the school nurse paid a surprise visit to the locker room. She brought along a baseball bat.

    “Don’t make me use this,â€

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    I used to work on an ambulance about 5 years ago and we transported people with MRSA between hospitals on a regular basis, I don’t really understand why it is such a big thing all of a sudden.

    It’s a bacteria, so as long as you keep yourself clean and take care of your cuts you should be ok

    Post subject: what’s the big deal?PostPosted: Sat Nov 17, 2007 9:32 am

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    Actually there in lies the problem, MRSA is so common it’s everywhere, it’s on this keyboard as I type this, it’s on the door handle you used to enter the room. The medical profession has known about it for years and it’s always been no big deal..until recently. The “superbug” the media is talking about is a particular strain of MRSA that has mutated and become stronger, general antibiotics don’t work on it anymore, it advances rapidly and becomes ravenous as it spreads eventually attacking the internal organs. There are antiboitics that do work, however they are administered interveinously and require hospitalization for a number of days. That’s not where it stops either, they need to physically remove the infection from the body through surgery, actually cut it out wherever it has taken residence. So now you are even more high risk because you’re recovering from surgery your immune system is weakened and your in a hospital where MRSA hangs out like it’s a country club. What’s the big deal?

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