What should I start my daughter with?

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    Post subject: What should I start my daughter with? Post Posted: Mon May 07, 2007 6:38 pm

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    My very young (4yo) daughter has been begging for months to start learning martial arts. She is absolutely fascinated whenever she sees MMA on tv and her face was pure wonder when she found out that girls are allowed to fight, too. She got even more interested when we were at a carnival with her Chinese school and saw a Kung Fu exhibition with several female participants. She is a fighter by nature, having already fought through 18 months of chemotherapy and come out the winner. She has been medically cleared, but I’m wondering where to start. There seem to be so many different types of martial arts programs available. What should she start with? I appreciate any advice you might have!


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    I would put her in some sort of grappling / jiu-jitsu class. It would put her on a good track for MMA without you having to worry about your little one getting punched in the face. A lot of grappling schools will start takng kids at 4 – 6 years of age.

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    aikido. it is stresses a morality beyond ground and pound for the crowd.

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    You may be best shopping around and seeing what is available in your area as well. If you can, visit the available dojos and see what they have to offer for your daughter and how the other children are enjoying and performing. If you can’t visit all the dojos, speak to a few of the instructors on the phone and sound them out.

    Try to at least visit the classes for one or two of the places that you are considering and take your daughter to see how she feels. It will also give you an idea of how the children are treated etc. Some parents are looking for discipline in a class and that can be very strong in some of the tradtional classes. Other classes can be based more on the children enjoying the sports activity. You may find one dojo is better suited to your daughter’s personality than another, even is if isn’t exactly the martial art you would expect her to do.

    At her age, any martial are will give her a good grounding, teaching her co-ordination and fitness!

    Best of Luck!

    johnny boy
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    I have two daughters that train, ages 9 and 5, I started them both at 4. My thought is at that age it is more about finding an instructor that is good with kids and keeps them having fun and motivated then about the actual art they are learning.

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