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    Post subject: What’s Up??? Post Posted: Fri Jul 21, 2006 4:58 am

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    It’s strange how few reponses there are to the threads here.

    There may be 100 views of a thread, but no responses. But when I post a reply to keep things going, no one responds for days. I want to jump in and get conversations going, but find myself become mute so as not to be the only one talking. sometimes when conversations do get going, there is a quarrelsome nature to them as some members seemingly try and antagonise others and think good conversation is a throw down, rather than a more helpful tone.

    Maybe most of the members her are males interested in the sport of women’s fighting and don’t want to put their opinions forward, so they just view. Other than that I can’t figure it out. I’d rather post my questions here than on some board where when they realize I’m a chick, the young punks make durogetory comments & ask my measurements or you have to wade thru 20 stupid posts to get to qualified answers.

    I’m used to being on boards with just a few female members in a male dominated sport, but this is a women’s fight board. So why aren’t the girlies here yacking it up about training, gear, technique & experienses?

    So Girls, what is your opinion on this???

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    There are a lot of lurkers on this site (I don’t know if the majority of them are male or female). Also, a lot of the fighters who post on here seem to only get to do so occasionally.
    Typically, if you post a serious question it will get serious answers.

    Post subject: PostPosted: Fri Jul 21, 2006 3:55 pm
    less internet
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    I am new to the MMA world even though Ive done martial arts since childhood and BJJ for 1+ years, Im only a wannabe right now. I am really intimidated by the wealth of knowledge and experience here. I feel slightly unworthy of posting my opinions on this site since I have never fought in a ring or cage. I bet others may be holding back for similar reasons.

    ( If my coach ever finds a fight for an amateur 120lb female with no experience maybe I will feel better about offering my opinion)

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