Windy Tomomi’s Post-Tsuji Story A Must-Read, Smackgirl 9/11

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    Post subject: Windy Tomomi’s Post-Tsuji Story A Must-Read, Smackgirl 9/11 Post Posted: Wed Aug 30, 2006 4:04 am

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    I haven’t published it yet cause we still need to translate the other fighters comments, but I really wanted to get this up here cause I never really heard a woman talk about losses and their impact before. Go figure. But anyhoo, here’s the post from Complete Vale Tudo Access, a ‘sneak peek’ if you will:


    A press conference was held in a cafe in the Azubu-Juban sector of Tokyo today by the Smackgirl Executive Commitee. Fighters Masako Yoshida, Mai, Fuuka, Tama-Chan, Windy Tomomi attended, each taking their turn in front of their media interlocuters. Though each had something distinct to say, it was Tomomi whose story attracted the most attention.

    Tomomi is returning to Smackgirl ring after a devastating loss to Yuka Tsuji in a Smackgirl Lightweight Title bid. In the interim, however, retirement has stalked Tomomi’s mind: “I’ve loss twice to the same human being, Tsuji took the rematch the same way she did the first. Hisae Watanabe knocked out Shinashi in DEEP. It was kinda expected, but even though you could still see her game had changed since their first fight. I feel like Hisae’s and my situation are the same, but I haven’t changed a bit it seems. And that was more shocking than losing, was feeling like my game hadn’t changed one bit.”

    But Tomomi saw the MMA ‘light’: “For a while I was really brooding over the fight, but that was pretty ignorant in hindsight. If I wanted to keep on in this fight game, I had to switch my thinking from the past to what’s in front of me. Dealing with each fight as they come and adjusting appropiately. That’s what I’m doing. Retirement wouldn’t have been the answer.”

    Tomomi stated to that effect she’d diverted much of her training now to grappling, and concerning her upcoming bout with Seri, foretold “Of course we’re gonna bang here and there, but if she gives me arm, I’m taking her arm. And if she gives me a leg, I’m taking her leg. That’s my mindset going into this fight.” All eyes will be be fixed on what Windy will bring to the ring September 15th.

    Also added to the card are bouts between G-Shooto Straweight Tournament Champion Masako Yoshida and Eri Kanetari, as well as Tama-Chan meeting Natsuko Kamei.

    Upper Life Presents Smackgirl 2006: Hold Your Own
    September 15th, 2006
    Korakuen Hall
    Tokyo, Japan
    Doors Open: 18:00
    Fights Start: 18:30

    Tentative Fight Card (Subject To Change):

    2006 Smackgirl Next Cinderella Middleweight Final
    58 KG, 2R 5M
    Sakura Nakamura (Zendokai Headquarters) vs. Kanako Takeshita (Wajyutsu Keisyukai Tokyo Headquarters)

    2006 Smackgirl Next Cinderella Flyweight Semifinal
    48 KG, 2R 5M
    KM-MAKI (RISE Fight Club) vs. Fukuko Hamada (MMA Angura)

    48KG, 2R 5M
    Masako Yoshida (NATIVE SPIRIT) vs. Eri Kanetari (Wajyutsu Keisyukai A3)

    Open, 2R 5M
    Tama-Chan (Tomoe-Gumi) vs. Natsuko Kamei (MMA Angura)

    52 KG, 2R 5M
    Fuka (JD Star) vs. Mai (Team Shingawa)

    48 KG, 2R 5M
    Ayumi Saito (MMA Angura) vs. Ikuko Tamada (Abe Ani Combat Club)

    52 KG, 2R 5M
    Akiko Naito (Wajyutsu Keisyukai RJW) vs. Kyoko Takabayashi (ALIVE)

    54 KG, 2R 5M
    WINDY Tomomi (PANCRASism) vs. Seri (Tomoe-Gumi)

    Nice photo opp, too. Mai and Yoshida pwn that photo up and down the street. Yoshida almost never shows up in a picture not dressed in the most colorfully coordinated thing possible. Tomomi’s breasts appear 5x bigger in that shirt than in her normal ring attire. Maybe it has something to do with the way the leather hangs. The colorful element on her hat is masterful arrangement. All of this makes me want to get that hipster-esque yellow Hisae shirt with the dark orange 70s print. That shirt is hawt.

    This is also a pretty decent card. Saito/Tamada is rumoured to decide the next challenger for Shinashi’s SG strap. Saito’s looked great since training with Tsuji, and I expect her to take it. Tamada tries to bang too much, even though its not her thing and Saito could drop her.

    Oh, and Modafferri: Is it Eri Kanetari or Eri Kaneya, I’ve been defaulting to Kanetari for a reason I don’t recall but translations always give me Kaneya. Could you confirm?

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