WINDY Tomomi’s successful return to the ring

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    Post subject: WINDY Tomomi’s successful return to the ring Post Posted: Wed Jan 30, 2008 5:07 pm
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    Pancrase had their big Korakuen Hall show Jan. 30 and the big news for womens MMA fans was the return to the ring of veteran fighter WINDY Tomomi since suffering a broken leg last year. Her opponent is former JD Star wrestler Emi Tomimatsu. Tomomi’s strength is her strikes and she has knockout power. The match is scheduled for three three minute rounds. Tomomi begins by landing several strikes. Tomimatsu covers up. She attempts a takedown but is unsuccessful. Tomomi continues to hammer Tomimatsu with punches, kicks & knees in round one. This continues in tound two as Tomomi gets Tomimatsu in a sleeper and ends the round by delivering a soccer kick to Tomimatsu’s belly. Tomimatsu is unable to answer the bell for round three and Tomomi wins by TKO. WINDY Tomomi’s record is now 10-8.
    I have posted a pic from the match on my blog.

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    Thanks for posting.

    Thats great news for Windy…its always tough first fight back after an injury (mentally).

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    Good to hear she came back on a good note!

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    I always thought Windy was cool. I’m happy to hear this news!

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    Bad news and Note for myself and others whom may concern

    According to the Japanese female MMA fan and blogger ROBITA san
    After this match, Tomimatsu`s father revealed that an accident occurred to Tomimatsu`s body, and an emergency surgery was done. With 4 hours laparotomizing, she is in the intensive care unit of the hospital now.

    Tomimats`s father says he has objected to this match-up and been worried about his daughter… He knew WINDY is too tough smile for her. Unfortunatly His uneasiness has proved right.

    You can not avoid the risk to get injured in the fight. WINDY got serious injury as well 1 year ago by accident. But i have to say this accident on Tomimatsu was predictable from the obvious skills difference of both.

    Who had responsibilities for this accident? Tomimatsu herself? Her coachs? Pancrase? Refs? or Fans who had not mentiond that it could be wrong match-up? Maybe all of us.

    Post subject: PostPosted: Thu Jan 31, 2008 5:11 pm
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    It’s a fight. Sometimes fighters get hurt. Sometimes they die. Let’s blame everyone. I hope she’ll be OK. Here’s the problem with this particular fighter. Emi Tomimatsu was a bust as a pro wrestler a few years ago. So I’m sure it was pride that brought her to MMA. And the only way for her to make a name for herself is to fight quality fighters. Obviously Tomomi needed to make a statement with this fight. So the lopsided nature of the fight wasn’t surprising. Remember when Hisae Watanabe knocked out 15 a couple years ago? 15 had to retire due to double vision. That’s the risk all fighters take every time they enter the ring. It could end that night. Tomimatsu probably didn’t belong in the ring with Tomomi but she needed to prove that she did belong regardless and telling her otherwise wasn’t going to change her mind.

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