Women’s Division in 2007 California Pankration Championships

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    2007 California Pankration Championships
    March 25, 2007
    Santa Ana College
    1530 W 17th St
    Santa Ana, California

    -Registration forms will be made available at http://www.fightergirls.com or can be faxed/mailed upon request.
    -Weigh In will be conducted on 3/24 from 5 – 8 pm, and 3/25 from 7 – 8:30 am.
    All competitors must weigh in once on either day. Those who do not make weight may move up in weight class.
    -All Competitors and Coaches must attend a Rules briefing 3/25 @ 1100 hrs.

    -Eligible competitors: Tournament is open to All amateur (no licensed professional) Competitors.
    Adult Male: 18yrs
    -Three Skill Divisions: Advanced-over 1 ½ years Martial Arts Training ; Beginner–Under 8 months Martial Arts Training; Intermediate- 8 to 18 months Martial Arts Training.
    -Weight Classes – 9 weight classes based on historical tournament entry info.
    Adult Female: 14yrs
    – Skill divisions and weight classes determined after all registrations are received.
    Junior Male: 14 to 17 yrs
    – 1 or 2 skill divisions (based on amount of competitors)
    – 9 weight classes (may be combined)
    Cadet: 11 to 13 yrs Male and Female
    – 1 skill division and 5 weight classes (may be combined)
    Novice: 8 to 10yrs Male and Female
    – 1 skill division and 5 weight classes (may be combined) (8year olds may be placed in Rookie division)
    Rookie: under 8yrs Male and Female
    – 1 skill division and two weight classes (8 year olds may be placed in Rookie division based on size)

    -Competitors will compete as individuals but also earn team points for each match and placing. Team Captains/ Coaches are encouraged to check the posted brackets to ensure all team members are listed correctly.
    -Team awards will be presented to top three Adult Advanced Division and top three combined Junior/ Cadet Teams. All schools are encouraged to have a Complete team (Competitor in every weight class) in the adult Advanced and Junior/ Cadet Teams to enhance the odds of winning a Team Award.
    -Team awards will not be given to Adult Intermediate and Beginner and Novice, Rookie or Women’s division.
    – Adult advanced team points are awarded after each match. Extra points are awarded for submissions, Technical Submissions (15 point lead) and major decisions (8 point leaf). Junior/Cadet team points are awarded based on individual placing (1st, 2nd or 3rd place).

    -Competitors may compete in traditional Martial Arts or Wrestling Attire as well as Shorts, T-Shirt or Rash Guards. All attire must be free of loops, zippers, metal snaps and open pockets. All Competitors must have their own Protective Cup and Mouthpiece. Competitors are encouraged to have their own MMA gloves but extras will be provided for those in need. Optional and recommended safety gear includes: Knee Pads; Shin guards; Wrestling head gear; Elbow pads and Wrestling Shoes. Tapping of hands and ankle support is also permitted.

    -Individual Awards – Medals for 1st – 2nd & 3rd Place in both Open and Novice Divisions
    -Team Awards – Trophy for 1st–2nd–3rd teams in Open division only.
    -Team awards are determined by points awarded to competitors after each match. Additional points are awarded for submissions, technical submissions, major decisions and championship placement. Adult Competitors who receive a bye will be awarded double the points after their next match.

    -All Division Brackets will be conducted in a Standard Wrestling Double Elimination Format with a Consolation Bracket to determine 3rd place.
    – Round Robin may be used if only 3 competitors per bracket.
    – Male Beginner, youth and women matches will be 3 minutes in length. Male Intermediate Matches will be 4 minutes in length. Male Advanced division matches will be 5 minutes in length. All divisions will have a maximum of two1 minute overtime periods if needed.
    -Whenever possible, competitors from the same Team, School or Club will be placed in opposite ends of the bracket.
    -If two or more teammates are entered in the same divisions (Male advanced division) only the top placing team member’s Team points will count towards team standings.

    – All Participants must attend a rules briefing followed by a question and answer period.
    – Competitors may have two coaches mat side while competing.
    – The tournament will start with the adult advanced division starting with the lightest weight class and ending with the heaviest. All competitors will fight their first bracketed match unless they receive a 1st round bye. Beginner and Intermediate will follow with all receiving their 1st bracketed match or a first round bye.
    -Youth and Women’s division will begin and remain on one mat after the 1st round of Adult Male Advanced, Beginner and Intermediate. Adult Male will continue on two mats.
    – Competitors should advise bracketing if they decide to depart the tournament before elimination.
    – Competitors who do not show when there bracket is called will be disqualified after a five minute grace period.

    For more information on Pankration, Rules, Past Results, Photos and Videos see: http://www.fightergirls.com


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