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    Post subject: Women’s MMA articles Post Posted: Sat Feb 03, 2007 9:08 am

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    There is a good article on the state of female MMA in the new issue of Real Fighter. Some good pics of Debi, nice to see Roxanne getting some recognition, but no mention of LaRosa….odd, I thought.

    There’s also a new section in Fighter’s Only that I’m not real sure how I feel about. It’s called “Babes of MMA” and is designed to feature both fighters and ring girls. My concern is about the fighters that will be highlighted. Will it include those women who are incredibly skilled but not drooled over by the male readers? Maybe Hywel will have some insight?
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    it was a great article and pictures!!!


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    Its a fine line we walk in the publishing business, and anyone who knows me knows what an advocate of women’s MMA I am.

    In a nutshell, the magazine I work for appeals to a certain demographic, and a business-led decision has led to the new feature being implemented. No prizes for guessing what the main motivation behind it is. Some people like it, some don’t, some are indifferent.

    I have had people say to me they think its a bit cheap, or exploitative, or just plain out of place, and they’re all valid opinions.

    I see it as a chance to give a bit of exposure to the unsung ladies out there working to promote MMA in various forms, though we have got plans to include more than ‘just’ models in that particular feature.

    We will continue to focus upon female MMA athletes in a manner that is appropriate, as well as women working behind the scenes in different roles to help drive the sport forward. There are plans to do just that in coming months. Watch this space.

    Post subject: PostPosted: Thu Feb 08, 2007 8:40 pm

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    I understand your position, I just wanted to make sure that no deserving athletes would get left out because they aren’t exactly model material. I wanted to continue to buy the magazine (even though the price just went up by 75 cents!). Your answer makes me feel better about it now. 🙂

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    rest assured rikki us girlies in the uk have no probs with it and trust FO to help female mma progress and hywell will make sure they dont take the articles in the wrong direction too so all will be good in the end

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