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    Chad Moechnig

    Post subject: newbie question Post Posted: Sat Mar 22, 2008 7:31 am

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    Hey ladies I have a question for ya. I’m going to be starting grappling soon and need to know what to do with my hair.

    I can’t imagine wearing a ponytail is very beneficial to rolling around on the ground, it would be too easy to get stuck. What do you gals do? And how do you keep your hair from getting damaged and broken? Our mats are rubber and I can’t imagine that it is good for the hair either.


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    😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆
    Chop chop, snip snip.
    I can only keep mine about chin length, and it still gets ripped out by the handfulls. Every couple years I get a bug up my butt to grow it longer. This last time I actaually had someone knee mount my ponytail and G’n’P me in the face during a training session. Unless you already have the worlds most managable, healthy and strong hair grappling is going to destroy it. Doesnt mean you have to cut it, but it’ll be damaged all the time, get more frizzy, have more broken ends and fly aways etc. Just a sacrifice us ladies make for love of the game.

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    My hair is to the middle of my back and i don’t have toooo much trouble with it. Get some good quality hair elastics, not rubber ones. and some very good conditioner and you’ll be ok.

    for practise i generally put it up in a fairly high pony tail, then braid it, then tie the braid up. it takes about 2 minutes to do and generally keeps it safe.

    for competitions i either do the same thing(with hair gel added in). or 2 french braids with the ends tied/put in a bun/held with a hair elastic. adding hair gel to this combo makes it stay even better.
    short hair is easier. i used to have very short hair (like 2 inches). but the short hair combined with the small boobs and pretty non existent figure got me called a guy a few to many times. of course i was a lot younger then 2 and could probably pull it off now. but i’ve grown attached to my hair now.

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    Yeah, I agree with Kelly…my hair is a few inches past my shoulders and is damaged constantly. Braids are helpful though, and for competition there is no way to go but corn rows IMO. You can have more than one fight, or more than one grappling match with out having to adjust them, and your opponent wont get their fingers stuck in it when they grab your head.
    I wish commissions checked hair the way they check wrapped hands…it should be a requirement.

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    I have super thick shoulder length hair and have found that pony tails just don’t work for me, too much readjusting. Cornrows are good, and you don’t have to do tiny perfect rows for them to stay in for training. I usually do a quick and dirty job, maybe 15 minutes, 6 across and only to the back portion of my crown and I let the rest hang down straight. Its like having a tight head band and I find it keeps the rest of my hair back and out of the way AND keeps it from being damaged by having it in a pony tail all of the time. You should invest in some small “rubber” bands which you can normally find at Sally’s Beauty Supply (I’m not sure if Sally’s is Nationwide or not) in bags of 500. The small bands are easier to work with than the bands for just putting your hair up.

    Also if braiding is too cumbersome, twisting works about equally as well.

    If you are really worried about damage to your hair then you should invest in really good shampoo and conditioners. As much as I love my suave, you really do get what you pay for. If you have ever used something like Keratassi then you know what I mean, there is a noticeable improvement even after just one use. But its pricey.

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    I’ve got long hair (below my shoulders) and it frustrates the hell out of me when I’m training!!!!!!!!! doing bjj my hair gets in the way far too often, I just keep redoing (over and bloody over again) my pony tail (I don’t know how to do a braid). I have had to tap a few times from being in a position where my hair gets pinned between my back and the mat and it neck cranks me (while someone is on top)…….I tap far too many times without having to tap when my hair cranks me!
    When I do standup I wear a bandana, is ok (as long as I am not being caned by my trainer).
    When I do mma, it frustrates the hell out of me (just like bjj).

    I think investing in a good shampoo is a good idea. I have been using garnier, but my hairdresser said it isn’t good enough.

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    cosmic wrote:
    I think investing in a good shampoo is a good idea. I have been using garnier, but my hairdresser said it isn’t good enough.
    My hairdresser almost cried the last time I went in to get my hair cut. She said my hair was ruined and practically forced me to buy a deep conditioning treatment. It’s semi-expensive and a bit time consuming (substitute it for your regular conditioner 2-3 times a week, it takes 15-20 min while you wait for it to seep in) but I noticed a difference almost immediately. Now I can actually get a brush through my hair without wincing!

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    I’m lucky. I have a friend who braids my hair up once a week. She braids for gymnastics and ice skating competitions. I leave them in a few days.

    When she’s traveling for work, I use hair wax, pull the front part up into two small ponytails (using the bands without seams, they kind of look like they were made from nylons) and braid the rest down. HOWEVER, I don’t grapple. I just do the standup stuff. But no ponytail ever made it through ten seconds of clinch work.

    If nothing else, grab that hair wax. It’s Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Stick Wax. It doesn’t make my hair feel gross, but usually takes a couple of shampoos to get it all out. I also use the expensive stuff, I have to admit. Professional coloring, Bed Head and a super conditioner from Matrix keep my hair looking okay. It’s all the blowouts that are breaking it to pieces.

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