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Since 2001 website and clothing began know as the original and first women’s MMA website and still is up and running today! Fighter girls have come a long way since then. We have updated the website and store several times and most recent we did a whole new upgrade to the site and store so we do hope you will enjoy it. Come read the history from interviews back in 2001 to our forum which we are converting over to the new forum that originally had over 50,000 posts from all kinds of people like supporters, fighters, and newbie’s just getting started in the Martial arts sport. Fighter girls is proud to still have all the history, posts and forum to all the people that want to know what it was like for women in martial arts back as far as 2001. The Fightergirls website has always been free for everyone and still is today !

We are adding all the old topics from the world’s first women’s MMA forum to the new forum so please be patient while we complete this process because there are so many pages and great topics! Fighter girls wants this done perfect for everyone to com by and see this historical landmark! Come read the struggles and the fun stuff that these fighters and fans have to say! Trust me this is incredible and we still have 89 pages with 50 topics per page so this may take some time!

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