Interview with legend Cung Le

Cung LeRecently I was given the honour of spending time with martial arts legend Cung Le, I would like to share some of the interview with you.

Towards the end, Cung made a comment which has stuck with me. When I told him about possible confrontation with well intended naysayers whom I would often meet while building a female fight league, he rhetorically asked “Who are they?”

“Who are they” words from Cung and my interpretations
1. If you haven’t run a female fight card “Who are you to say we don’t belong in the ring” you cant know how the crowd responds to the very heart of the way a women fights.
2. If you haven’t spent a good length of time talking to a female fighter “Who are you to judge, what and who we are” we are all very different and that is what makes us marketable.
3. If you haven’t suffered a punch from a well trained female fighter “Who are you to say women can’t fight”
4.If you haven’t run a female fight card “Who are you” to tell me I can’t do it

I am grateful that the men of our sport have always been supportive, however it is the wider public who is only recently acknowledging that female fighters belong in the ring, and are very marketable. I am glad I am here to see it.

I know it is only a matter of time before female fights are being aired on all major networks, when that happens I know Cung Le along with all the guys who have helped us get this far will be there cheering us on.

Cung Le video clip, filmed by OGL Media, editing by Steven Baker

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