Irma VS. Marc Gefferie

Irma VS. Marc GefferieThere was a big event 10/10/04 in holland last sunday called 2 Hot 2 Handle(2h2h) on this event fought Irma “The Gladiatrix” Verhoeff from Team Schreiber from Holland, against a man, his name is Marc Gefferie also a dutch fighter. This is probably the first time we have seen a woman vs a man in MMA fighting. Back when this fight happened the women MMA fighters were looking for fights and sometimes you just have to settle and fight a man. Due to the lack of women fighters and the women fighting to be put on the male dominated fight card the women of MMA just had to settle for any fight they could get.

Marcs is mostly a Muay Thai fighter, this was a MMA fight, 2 rounds of 5 minutes. This match was a “Draw.”


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