Jessica Aguilar Makes Her Mark

565_lgJessica Aguilar defeats Catia Victoria and stakes her claim in the 115 pound division.

#7 ranked 115 pounder Jessica Aguilar is on a mission and made a point this past Friday.

At the Rumble at the Rock 3 event in Hollywood, FL, Aguilar made solid work of Catia Vitoria in round 1.

The fight –

Both fighters are just feeling each other out. Awkward pause. Vitoria throws a front kick, but Aguilar catches it and puts her down on the mat. Aguilar works ground and pound from half guard before transitioning into side control. Vitoria is trying to scramble, but Aguilar is able to keep her down. Aguilar into full mount, but Vitoria quickly gets her back into side control. Aguilar locks in an arm triangle, but credit Vitoria for fighting it off. Aguilar from side control works some hammer fists. Vitoria has no answer for Aguilar’s ground game. Aguilar back into the full mount. Aguilar alternates shots to the body and the face. Not sure how much longer the ref will let this go on. And the ref steps in and stops the contest at 4:17.

With the win, Aguilar hopes to make a statement to Bellator to be apart of their 115 pound tournament in the fall.

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