MMA shorts for women the best money can buy

best mma shorts for women

Hi Ladies, when it comes to making MMA shorts for women most companies fail to hit the mark! At Fighter girls we take making our shorts serious from buying the best material we can find than making a pattern and sample that fits the women’s body and trust me that takes a long time! We than find great cut and sew companies here in the USA to make sure that our product has the best quality craftsmanship and its nice to keep the American people working seeing that 90% of our customers are from the USA. We do a lot of testing on our shorts to make sure they will stand up to the toughest challenges like grappling, MMA, and water testing! Yes water testing is important on a women’s line because we do wash our clothes unlike the men in the gym that get smelly and they might wash once a week LOL. I was talking with a cross fit instructor today and she told me she bought a pair of Fighter girls board shorts 4 years ago and they still look like new! That is a good/bad thing right? good for you because you know they will last a long time but kids of bad for us in a good way because we are making the shorts that last for ever! Fighter girls just wants you to love our brand as much as we love each and everyone of you!

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