NAAFS Caged Vengeance 7: DeWitt vs. Artherton

585_lgColumbus, Ohio’s Aladdin Shrine Center hosted NAAFS’ Caged Vengeance 7. Kristin DeWitt from Dayton, Ohio (Walker MMA) faced off against Summer Artherton from Omaha, Nebraska (Disorderly Conduct) in a 115 pound amateur bout. Kristin weighed in at 103 and Summer weighed in at 115.5. The ladies put on a great show in front of a packed house.

The first round starts with both girls touching gloves. Kristin lands first with a straight right. Summer lands a left right combo dropping Kristin. Summer gets Kristin against the cage landing some ground and pound shots. Kristin pushes Summer off with her legs and regains her feet. Kristin throws a left that missed and Summer responds with a hammer left leg kick to the body. Summer lands a left straight punch. They move back and forth testing for range. Summer feints a kick then lands a right that bobbles Kristin. Summer tags Kristin with a left then drops Kristin with another solid punch. Unable to regain her feet the referee stops the fight. The bout stops at 1:27 with Summer winning by TKO. Kristin showed tons of heart but in the end the weight difference was insurmountable.

Post Fight

Nichole Long, the NAAFS match maker, was able to tell me that Eve of Destruction is on track. She said there were a few fights left to fill and any amateur lady looking for a fight should contact her at Eve of Destruction is going to be the first all female card to take place in Ohio. It will take place in Akron, Ohio on September 18th at Chapparell’s Center.

This was Summer Artheron’s first fight back in 4 years. She started training again in February. She trains in JJ and kickboxing and “pretty much anything I can get to.” Summer had to cut a few pounds to make 115. Since the fight was set for 115, Summer wasn’t expecting her opponent to be small. Summer did empathize over the size difference, “I fought someone twenty pounds over me so I was like…aw.” She credits Kristin’s spirit and toughness, “she’s tough; she’s tough.” Summer hopes this win will get her invited into the NAAFS Eve of Destruction tournament. She stated, “I would like to thank my sponsors and training partners.”

Kristin was in good spirits after the match, “I had fun.” She hadn’t made it back to her feet. “My contact rolled into the back of my head,” she told us. Since she was unable to see she stayed down and took the loss. Her coach backed the decision, “it’s the one you don’t see that can seriously hurt you.” She sees lots of weight training in the future. “I’m really, really tiny and there’s not an awful lot of girls my size.” She was very thankful for her sponsors and teammates.

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