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Satoko Shinasi wins DEEP Flyweight Belt
Monday, February 25, 2008
Article By Shojiro Kameike

DEEP established Womanís Flyweight class(under 45 kg) newly. The tournament to decide 1st champion of Fly-weight was held in Japan on February 22th.
Satoko Shinasi, a Flyweight champion of SMACKGIRL, defeated Fukuko Hamada (MMA Dojo Cobra-kai) by unanimous decision at the first round. And she defeated Sachi (Zendo-kai) by armbar at the final. Shinasi became the 1st DEEP Womanís Flyweight champion.

--The first Martial Arts for you is Judo. When and why did you start Judo?
Satoko Shinashi: I was affected by my father. He has Dojo of Judo and teaches it at the high school, too. I had continued doing Judo from 15 years-old to 22.
--You started Sambo after it.
Shinashi: I retired from Judo to become a typical girl after graduation from the University. But I was not satisfied with normal life. So I came back to the world of Martial Arts.
--Did you know MMA then?
Shinashi: I didnít know it at all. I didnít have many chances to fight in Sambo maches. So, I tried to fight in any matches. Then,I knew it in detail for the first time Mr.Shino (the promoter of SMACKGIRL) introduced me it.
--How did you feel about MMA at first?
Shinashi: MMA satisfies me the best. Many audiences watch me. A hall is full of excitement. They light me up. I like the gap between a tension before the fight and pleasure after my winning.
--You had continued winning and became the Flyweight champion of SMACKGIRL. But you were defeated by Hisae Watanabe in August 2006. After it, you continued winning again and became 1st DEEP womanís flyweight champion. How do you feel now compared to the time when you lost?
Shinashi: When I lost, I couldnít think anything at all. I felt to be in the hell. But now, Iím very happy. I wish such a great time will continue forever.
--Did you change the mind for MMA?
Shinashi: I had not learned MMA by nobody before the lost game. But now, Shinya Aoki teaches me MMA. Everything of me have changed.
--What is the best part of female MMA for you?
Shinashi: I want many people who play, watch and be involved in female MMA to know the fact that even small fighters can make awesome fights and play an active part in MMA. I have little chances to fight in foreign countries, because Japanese fighters, play there are mainly big people. But I think there are many good small fighters in the world and want to fight with them.
--Please give your message for the fan all over the world.
Shinashi: The fan of foreign countries, who had watched my fight through internet, gave me many letters. I appreciate for it. I will be glad if they access my website (http://www.shinashi.com/) also. Please continue watching me and how small fighters, like me, can do great fights.
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