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Fighter Girl Workout of the Week With Joy Bixbee
Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sled pulling is great way to strengthen the whole body for stand up/grappling-sleds can be expensive and are wonderful tools, but you can MAKE your own-take a short rope that's 1-2 inches in diameter 4-7 feet and string a few friends on like a charm bracelet:)! I used two 25 kg and 1 16 KG Kettkebell, which is plenty when you are starting-pulling a sled requires a different type of strength ( more grip and core) than pushing a sled. I am showing Lateral Pulls, Reverse and Gorilla Pulls-done for time(5-10 minutes), even in short distances, will challenge you and you'll have fun!!!

I love a challenge! I agreed to accept a 10,000 Kettlebell Swing Challenge that started the day after Thanksgiving and goes on until December 21st:) along with technical training-you have to smart about this, splitting it up, taking care of the foundation of your body- Fighters are asked to demand endurance, grip strength, and dynamic mobility to perform as long as the fight camp or bout lasts- these drills with the Clubbell (I am using lighter 10lbs ones) will help YOU get the most out of training as well-

The Basic Single Hand Parry Cast- both forward and reverse
The Lateral Cast with a "clean" or catch
The Rock It Drill
The Head Cast
The "March Of Death"-this is a challenging drill to master as it demands the most out of your grip strength and balance

these drills are also great on an active recovery day as well- keep the practice short and purposeful.
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