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How Muxlow Treated Her Black Eyes Post Coenen
Sunday, January 13, 2013

New Years Eve 2012 was the biggest fight of her MMA career, Fiona Muxlow fought #1 ranked 145lb. Marloes Coenen on Dream 18 in Japan. (Coenen won the fight with a first round arm bar)

"Dream rules allow knees to the head of a grounded opponent...and I ate several to the forehead," states Muxlow. While Muxlow was not seriously injured or concussed she almost immediately developed a hematoma on her forehead and directly after the fight she was treated with lots of ice to prevent any additional swelling. But how do you treat post-fight injuries such as these? Here is what Muxlow did based on her experience and she documented it quite well with some lovely photos. "This is just a summary of the treatment I have been using, I am not a doctor...My black eyes were from the fluid draining into then and not direct blows to them. Always have a doctor check you out if you end up getting hit hard enough to give you two or even one black eye as bad as mine."

Muxlow's Recount-

Post Fight: Lots of ice and compression bandage directly on the swelled area of the head. First, get rid of the bump. The sooner you can get it down the faster the recovery. I wasn't keen on having it cut so I used the steel and ice and kept pushing the fluid out toward the side of my head.

Support: I'd seen rock tape used to hold open a droopy eye so I did that to keep my eye from closing up. I also applied drainage tape over the lump. In addition to the taping, I was still icing every hour and forcing the fluid out as much as I could stand.

Day 2: Next morning I removed the rock tape which had prevented my left eye from fully closing up. A word of caution, I was using rock tape which is an elastic kinesiology tape, regular tape on your eye will not allow you to blink. I iced the eyes and forehead again.
At lunch, I repeated the icing and received a massage (it felt great but laying facedown for 30 minutes meant my eye filled up with fluid and looked even worse.) A pair of sunglasses and we were off to the airport. Another round of icing before boarding the plane.

Day 3: Once I arrived back in Australia I was super puffy and my left eye was almost closed up. At the finish of day three, I was taking Arica tablets as prescribed on the bottle, hirudoid cream and rock tape drainage over night.

Day 4: I'm starting to have the yellow coloring and I'm looking forward to going back to training tomorrow.

"This is just a summary of the treatment I have been using. I'm not a doctor or nurse and this is just based on my experience over many years and several black eyes as well as advice from a pharmacist. Always have a doctor check you out if you end up getting hit hard enough to give you two or even one black eye as bad as mine."
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