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Fighter Girls Weekly Workout for womenwith Joy Bixbee
Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Warming up and creating dynamic strength and mobility-with a few concepts learned from The Superhuman Training Event:

1.Tug of Wars-use thicker bands and short rope for combat specific grip/mobility training 2-3x5-10

2. Bear Crawls with a strike-Eric Guttman, one of the presenters at the workshop, recommends pausing at least 30 seconds when you are doing these-much more challenging than the body weight version-2-3x5; pausing 30 seconds

3. Alternating KB Floor Press, both Mike Mahler and Dru Patrick-a great Strongman Coach are the inspiration here-we've added a Combat Specific style of pressing-especially for the Grappler, and added a pause at the top (Dru Patrick for an isometric element)-3x10

4. Pulling-again, combining Mike Mahler's Alternating Row/Hold(Isometric pull),Renengade Rows, and Bent Over Rows done without a pause-go lighter with your Kettlebells/Dumbells to start-this is challenging,

5. A combat specific way to improve whole body as well as leg/hip strength with either a Grappling Dummy, or a partner(make sure they tuck their knees in and keep them in during this lift)-The Bear Hug Squat-20-30

6. A fun and tough way to rev. The metabolism, and get a stronger core-grappling dummy slams!

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