Sarah Moras Gains First Victory in Cage Warrior 37

557_lgRosi Sexton’s protégé, Sarah Moras, made her long-awaited pro debut Friday night, taking on another debuting fighter, Helena Martin, at the Cage Warriors event in Birmingham, England. Both fighters told me they felt ready before the fight, with Martin correctly predicting that the fight would not last for the full three rounds.

Most of the first round was uneventful with both fighters trading punches, then ending up in the clinch without taking any real damage. Moras dominating by pinning Martin to the cage, while trying to work some takedowns. Martin did well to stay up and keep her balance repeatedly, but with just under a minute left on the clock, Moras hooked a leg and got her down. Moras quickly dropped some elbows, passed guard then almost ended the fight with an arm bar, but Martin held off for a few seconds and was saved by the buzzer.

Martin came straight out in the second round and landed several shots, showing off her superior boxing and bloodying up Moras, who retaliated with a crisp double leg take down. Moras transitioned quickly from Martins half guard to mount where she punished Martin with her ground and pound until the referee stepped in and stopped the fight at 3 minutes 40 seconds, awarding Moras her first pro win.

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