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For years women have been shopping by a brand that fits and looks great but has your favorite sportswear brand changed a lot during the last couple years? Most women say yes and the cause for most changes big clothing companies are cutting major corners in production costs to show larger profits. We see a lot of the big top brands now manufacturing in Vietnam to save in labor, material, and much more! The United States government laws are strict for labor and pollution but we have to all agree that yes this is a good thing because we want water that we can drink, beaches that we can enjoy and also swim. Big brand companies want to avoid these laws and regulations so they manufacture in the 3rd world countries so they will not have to follow the laws the United States has put in place to keep this world clean and enjoyable for our future and us. Maybe just once do a Google search on your favorite clothing brand and see what violations being labor or pollution that company is doing to the earth.

Female sportswear made in USA

Fighter girls clothing brand takes pride in our USA manufactured clothing the sportswear that fits, looks, and is quality made! The clothing is made for women who want only the best to look great in and will not fade or fall apart training. We don’t compete for large profits like most big companies. The Fighter girls brand sportswear is unique is so many ways looks, quality and the women love it! Yes it does cost more to manufacture here in the USA but Fighter girls have found that quality has not price on it so we will not compete with major brands that fight each other for making the cheapest product on the market.

Female shorts and leggings on sale

So ladies if you are shopping for sportswear come by the Fighter girls store and look at what we have to offer for that next workout or just having fun at the beach! Our customers who have purchased from Fighter girls make our reviews.

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Fighter girls sportswear for women since 2001 we dare you to compare our brand against your current favorite brand and see who is the better buy!

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