The Empowering Documentary, “FIGHTING IT,”

3 years ago, Jill Morley not only decided to compete in her first ‘Golden Gloves’ amateur boxing competition, but she also decided to direct/produce a film close to her heart, “Fighting It.” The documentary follows a select female boxers’ personal journeys and answers the age old question, ‘why do we fight?’

“I originally just decided I wanted to fight in the Golden Gloves. Then, I met the women and was fascinated and inspired so I picked up the camera. I wanted to get into their lives and mostly figure out why they did this… Why was I doing it?”

The documentary features Jill Morley herself, world renowned professional boxer, Maureen Shea, Susan Merlucci, and Kimberly Tomes. Morley had the pleasure of training for her first Golden Gloves with “The Real Million Dollar Baby”, Maureen Shea.

“The women I chose to film and stick with were very open and honest and let themselves be vulnerable on camera. I had interviewed and considered many others, but these were the women who really made themselves available and shared my goal of putting a face, a heart and a soul on women boxers. They were willing to show their struggles on camera, which is a brave thing to do. Already, there is a stigma on women fighters. WE have to be tougher and more stoic than anyone to be taken seriously. The fact that these women let their guard down with me to see their wounds and their raw desires, really meant a lot. I will forever be thankful to them for that.

But…it turned out to be a film that is not just about women’s boxing. It’s more about overcoming your demons, working through trauma, healing your past and overcoming adversity through the lens of boxing. Some of us have had abuse in our pasts, others experienced racism, troublesome family lives and found boxing to be empowering. In the end, because of some of the events that happened, I wound up being the focus and main character of the documentary. While that wasn’t my original goal, I went with it because that’s what the film was telling me what to do. I am revealing some things that people very close to me don’t even know about. But, I believe by doing that, I will help others who have been through similar situations.”

Jill is no stranger to the Independent film business. Her last film, “STRIPPED,” ran on the Sundance Channel and won “Best Documentary” at the Women’s International Film Festival in Sydney. Currently, Jill is in the process of submitting “FIGHTING IT” to the major upcoming Independent Film Festivals and in the future hopes to sell the documentary to a Cable network and will also sell the DVD on her personal sites:  and  Keep up to date by becoming a fan of “FIGHTING IT” on Facebook.

If you would like to make a tax deductible donation to help put this amazing Film to life with a proper sound mix, you can do so at You can see the films trailer on our MEDIA page at

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