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If you are interested in finding out about the history of female MMA mixed martial arts it can be a little difficult in some ways! Most websites popped up fast when the women became more popular which is great right? The women deserve the right to be in the cage as much as the men do! I think these women put on a great fight also! Fighter girls was born in May 2001 a small little website just for women to come add fight stats, bio’s, and news! We have some great interviews and a forum for back in the day when these warriors fought to make women’s MMA a small spark in history. What happens to these fighters of the past? Do people ever read or want to know the history of these women and where they are today?
I often think back of the Hook n shoot revolution card it was the first all women’s MMA fight in Evansville Indiana and yes I was there doing interviews and taking time to talk and video tape these fighters. I am sure I still have the video’s somewhere yet and never did get a chance to load them up on the web. Some of these great warriors have passed away and other just faded away from the public eye but I do still remember that fight like it was yesterday.

History The beginning Of  Women’s Mixed Martial Arts MMA

I do hope you enjoy Fighter girls website the first women’s MMA website in the world! This site was dedicated to women of MMA and has always been free and without the ugly popups that other sites have! Fighter girls site was built and funded by pro MMA fighter Debi Purcell for the enjoyment, news and history of MMA for women. Debi is a real humble person and her passion and love for the sport kept the site up but the love of the fighters and fans kept it alive! I know new things like twitter and facebook are the new social media were most people go but we want you to still enjoy the site and honor those women that helped make women’s MMA what it is today!
God bless each and everyone!

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