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gina carano MMA fighter

312_lgWomen’s combat sports have taken another step forward with the addition of Boxing to the 2012 Olympics, joining Judo, wrestling and Taekwondo. The International Olympic Committee handed down its decision and Women’s Boxing will be represented in three weight divisions. The women of boxing will now perform on the World Stage. Women are not only fighting in High school gyms to the applause of tens of people they will now also be watched by billions around the world. The three divisions were chosen to represent a wide range of weights. However, there are women who now have to make some tough choices on where they can compete, as three sizes must fit all.

Fly weight 106 lbs. to 112lbs.
Light weight123lbs. to 132lbs.
Middle weight 152lbs. to 165 lbs.

Twelve women, will box in the three divisions which had previously been the only sport without a female counterpart. 36 more women will now have the chance to be Olympians, and 9 will stand on podiums and medal. Three will wear Gold and hear their National anthems play because they were the best.

“The addition of Women’s boxing means that we finally have a truly universal Olympic games” said the AIBA President , Dr. Chung Kuo Wu. “We made an internal adjustment… to keep the Quota” Dr. Wu added.

Although the men are losing a weight division, the total number of fighters will remain the same. The IOC has a limit of 286 boxers in the Olympics, so only250 men will be allowed to compete. The men will battle for ten medals, seven more than the Women. The Women’s competition like the men will be Amateur only. As recently as four years ago women’s boxing was rejected as an Olympic sport. At the time it was not thought to be a valuable addition to the program.

All of this, on the same weekend as Gina Carano and Cristiane Cyborg as the first women to headline a professional MMA event. We are taking our place at the table, not some salacious, bikini-clad side show to keep the guys in their seats. Athletes, both amateur and professional. Respected, skillful, fearsome,

gina carano MMA fighter

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