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12 Rounds with Kerry Vera Female Fighter

12 Rounds with Kerry Vera Female Fighter
12 Rounds with Kerry Vera Female Fighter

Kerry Vera recently celebrated her second Pro-MMA victory at the Strikeforce Challengers Series 5 event on November 20th. 12 Rounds with Kerry Vera Female Fighter She was up against Kim Couture and earned herself and an impressive win via TKO at 3:35 of the first round.

So who really is Kerry Vera? It’s evident she is the proud wife of UFC light heavyweight competitor Brandon Vera but that seems to be the basis of most of her media coverage thus far and lacking information on who she is, her background and what her individual goals are.

For starters Kerry has that Erin Toughill quality about her… that “pretty woman but will completely dismantle your face should you cross her in a combative situation” type-quality. She is also humble and by no means has her MMA career spawned from her husbands success, as this female competitor has been involved in Martial Arts most of her life. Following Kerry and Kim’s fight, fans could instantly see the character that Kerry has. While awaiting the announcing of the winner as Kim is laying on the mat being medically reviewed, it appeared as if Kerry kept going over to check on her as if she wanted to apologize for the damage she did. It was quite comical and just shows that while some fighters would thrive on seeing their opponent in that light after their fight, she showed no ego and was poised.

12 Rounds with Kerry Vera Female Fighter

Kerry is also the type of person that drops her training just days prior to her Strikeforce debut to head to Manchester, England in support of her husband’s UFC bout against Randy Couture. There certainly have been other MMA couples, “Cyborg- Santos” for example are a tough couple, but what made the Vera vs. Couture matches so unique is that it was the first time in MMA history that fights were paired up as the husbands vs. the wives.

Mrs. Vera’s current record is 2-0 with a realistic perspective that she’s in the 135lb. weight class with many decorated female fighters. As for now, she simply continues to train hard out of Alliance Training Center in Chula Vista, California.

Congrats on your fight with Kim, is there anything you will take away from that fight and change for your next match?

Thank you. I will definitely take a lot away from that fight. First of all hopefully the nerves, I didn’t think I was nervous about it until I got there. It took me a little bit to find my rhythm and my range and I think
the nerves had to do with that. She caught me a few times with her jab and I think that was my fault.

About Kerry Vera

You’ve been a competitive fighter since 2006, at what age did you begin training and what disciplines are you proficient in?

I began training at age 6. My parents had me in ballet but being the tomboy that I was I wanted to do Karate. They put me in it and I stuck with it for ten years. At 17 I started messing around with Boxing and had my first fight in the Golden Gloves at 18. I then did two Kick Boxing fights with Strikeforce way back in the day when it was just Kick Boxing. I moved to San Diego and ended up just doing Boxing smoker fights once in awhile.

12 Rounds with Kerry Vera Female Fighter

Are you involved in any other sports or played as a child?

Just Karate.

You were in great shape for this fight, what’s the biggest advice you can give for cutting weight as it gets closer to weigh ins?

Biggest advice is not to wait until the last minute. Lose the weight the right way and don’t leave it to all water weight. That’s the worst!

If you could chose your dream opponent whom would it be?

I don’t have a dream opponent yet, I still have a ladder to climb of really good fighters so any fight right now I’ll be happy with.

Favorite thing to do when you’re not training?

Playing with my dogs and hanging out with my husband and family. I like to do a lot of outdoor activities or just stay in and watch a movie on the

You and Brandon seem to really be supportive and thrive on each other’s success, do you ever train together?

We train at the same gym but not together. If I have a question he will help me but we learned early on it doesn’t work for him to coach me.

Are you aware of the Ultimate Women’s Challenge show and will you be tuning in to see how your peers perform?

I am, I actually tried out for it about a year ago and gave up on it. After each month they kept putting it off saying next month, next month…it’s been a year, so very unprofessional to me.

What made you transition from Boxing/KickBoxing to being competitive in MMA?

I am always looking for a challenge and MMA was the next challenge for me. I really enjoy learning Jui-Jitsu and Wrestling so that made the transition into MMA really easy and fun for me.

Do you have any thoughts on the UFC being a “boys only” club for now?

Yeah I don’t like it. I hope I can change their mind to wanting women fighters on their show.

What is the one thing people would be surprised to learn about you?

I’m a vegetarian and I’m really shy.

Since we don’t know who your next opponent is yet, how can your fans learn more about you and your upcoming events? (there is a but it hasn’t been recently updated)

Yes I am working on a website…”” but in the meantime you can find me on my Facebook, which I do update every few days.

12 Rounds with Kerry Vera Female Fighter

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