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6 Female MMA Fight Bouts

6 Female MMA Fight Bouts
6 Female MMA Fight Bouts

6 Female MMA Fight Bouts

6 Female MMA Fight Bouts A short pre fight breakdown of the upcoming Valkyrie 03 Card to be held 10/24/09 in Tokyo, Japan.

The Valkyrie 03 card has been divided into
male/female halves with the female going first. There is an exhibition Amateur SmackGirl match to bridge between the halves followed by the men bouts. All the fights are being billed as “Valkyrie Rules” which is a rebranding of the old SmackGirl rules (MMA, no head/mouth strikes while grounded, 30 second ground limit)

6 Female MMA Fight Bouts

There are a lot of strikers involved in this one, so things should be fan-pleasing and full of fun images — if only I were there with my HD camera to capture from…

V3 is going down on the 24th of this month and should be a great women’s event.
Looking at the lineup and rule sets, the women’s series will likely be more entertaining to watch than the men’s, though perhaps less critically important as pro standings are concerned.
Main-Event: Featherweight Title Fight:

6. Main Event
Featherweight (52.2kgs) 3min. 3R
MOGI Yasuko (Strapple)
TAKIMOTO Misaki (Zendokai — Yokohama Doujyo)

46kgs, 3min 3R
OMURO Naoko (Wajyutsu Keishyukai “WK” — Tokyo)
SEKI Yukiko (Free)

Featherweight, 3min 3R
Jet Izumi (M16 Muai Thai Style)
FUJINO Emi (Wajyutsu Keishyukai — GODS)

Bantam (48.5kgs) 3min 3R
MURANMI Maho (Wajyutsu Keishyukai — Toikatsu Dojo)
SACHI (Angura) [I think this is YAMAMOTO Sachiko but I’m not 100% sure]

Bantam 3min 3R
‰ha—‚s‚g‚dŠ [Age ha at THE] (Paraestra Kashiwa)
Sugi Rock [Sakiyama Nao/Naho(sp?)] (Wajyutsu Keisyukai — A-3)

Flyweight (45.4kgs) 3min 3R
“Happy” Fukuko [HAMADA Fukuko] (Cobra Kai — Sogokakutogi Dojo)
TAKAGI Yuko (Angura)

Lightweight (56.7kgs) 3min 3R
MORI Masae (Angura)
Ayame [MIURA/MITSUURA(sp?) Ayame] (Wajyutsu Keisyukai — RJW/H.T.W. Dojo)

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