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A Moment with Jan Finney Female Fighter

A Moment with Jan Finney Female Fighter
A Moment with Jan Finney Female Fighter

On June 26, 2010, Chris “Cyborg” Santos faced one of her toughest opponents yet: Jan Finney. Finney has fought some of the best in the world of women’s MMA and although Cyborg may have been the most challenging, Finney proved to the world that she is a true fighter at heart.

A Moment with Jan Finney Female Fighter

Fighter girls was fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to interview Jan Finney recently and as you will see in this interview, she’s just getting started in the world of women’s MMA.

AS: The latest news is that you’re scheduled to fight for StrikeForce again in the near future. Is this for the 145-pound division? Any opponents lined up?

JF: Yes. StrikeForce contacted my manager and said that they want me back as soon as I am ready to go. Hopefully, I’ll be back to it in 3 months.

AS: I’ve been watching you fight for years against opponents such as Julie Kedzie, Ginele Marquez, and many others in the 135-pound division. What
led you to want to fight Chris Cyborg at 145 pounds?

JF: Well, it was a shot to become world champion on a huge stage such a StrikeForce. Those opportunities do not come around very often, and when it was brought to me I said yes, even before I knew any details. Also, I would like to clear up that half of my fights have been at 145-pounds. I have fought twice at 155-pounds and the rest of my fights were at 135-pounds.

AS: Many MMA fans are commenting on your fight against Cyborg and how it should have been stopped by the ref in the first round. What are your
thoughts on this?

JF: Yeah, she (the ref) was asking if I wanted out, and each time I would say, “NO!” I am a fighter and did not have any quit in me. If you noticed, at the beginning of the second I landed a nice overhand right to Cyborg’s chin. I was still trying to win the fight and I was not just in defense mode.

AS: I’ve re-watched the fight between you and Cyborg several times. You landed several punches and successfully pushed forward during the fight.
Is there anything you’d like to say about the casual MMA fan stating that Cyborg “smashed” you?

JF: Well, she is the champ for reason, but I really don’t think people understand what it takes to get into the cage. I prepared mentally and physically for this fight. I was expecting to take damage, but I was also prepared to go into the later rounds with her. I hit her several times and I believe they would have dropped other fighters. That is why she is champion. I am proud of my performance. I got into the cage with the champion. Some say the best ever. She knocked me down, but I got back up and hit her in the face. A Moment with Jan Finney Female Fighter

AS: Many writers are stating that you have broken bones, concussions, and so forth. In reality, you only had a few minor injuries, correct?

JF: WOW… YES, I have heard everything. The truth is, I thought I had a broken eye socket in the first round. After the fight, I went to get x-rays and it showed that nothing was broken. I did get a couple of stitches, but I have had worse injuries in softball. A Moment with Jan Finney Female Fighter

AS: You’ve mentioned wanting a rematch with Cyborg. Will you approach her differently a second time around?

JF: Yes, but I know I have to earn my shot again. Cyborg is the best and it’s going to take something special to beat her.

AS: I watched an interview with you recently and you mentioned some “mind games” Cyborg played with you at weigh-ins. Could you talk a little bit
about that?

JF: HA HA HA… I am not sure if it was mind games but she said I had pretty eyes. I have been in a lot of stare downs and have not heard that one yet.

AS: Are there any competitors out there who you would like to fight? Why?

JF: I am a fighter and I fight who they put in front of me.

AS: What are your future goals for your career as a fighter?

JF: My goal is to become the world champion.

JF: I would like to thank all of my sponsors: Clinch Gear, Cage Walker, Cage Candy, Doctor Mark, MMA Girls, Blow out Cards, Performance MMA,
Combat Sport Inter.,Cage Hero, Red Arme, and Kimura Media. Also, I’d like to thank my trainers: Mike Patt, Jon Stutzman, Oscar Kallet, and my
manager Wade Hampel.

I would like to thank Jan Finney again for taking the time out of her busy schedule to do this interview with FighterGirls.

A Moment with Jan Finney Female Fighter Make sure to stay tuned for more of Jan Finney on StrikeForce!

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