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Action Sports Challenge

Action Sports ChallengeFor Immediate Release — On Saturday, December 15, 2007, USKBA Action Sports is proud to sanction a full day of action in the Action Sports Arena known as the Rahway Recreation Center in Rahway, New Jersey. This full day of action will be the first of the “ASC – ACTION SPORTS CHALLENGE” series and is entitled “ASC – ACTION SPORTS CHALLENGE – BEGINNINGS”. Three USKBA Action Sports Promoters have joined together to present the action sports that comprise their respective portions of this event.

The daytime events will feature a Submission Grappling Tournament offered by USKBA Action Sports Promoter John Potenza and set matches of Amateur Full Contact Kickboxing, Amateur Thaiboxing and Amateur San Da offered by USKBA Action Sports Promoter David Ross. The nighttime event will feature set matches in Amateur MMA offered by USKBA Action Sports Promoter Brian Wright with matchmaking by Jerry Mendez.

There will be one admission to the daytime events and separate admission to the nighttime event. There will also be a special Combo All Day Ticket that will include General Admission to both events. The doors will open for the daytime events at 12 noon. The doors will open to the nighttime event at 6:30 pm. Tickets are available at the three USKBA Action Sports Promoter outlets in New York and New Jersey and through participating studios.

Media Passes are available to recognized media outlets by contacting:

The “ASC – ACTION SPORTS CHALLENGE – BEGINNINGS” multi action sports event was created to have something for everyone. Most of the talented athletes on this event cross train and have foundations in more then one of the action sports featured. If you’re a spectator that has always wanted to see various action sports, this is the event to attend. A full day of action sports under one roof. December 15, 2007 — “ASC – ACTION SPORTS CHALLENGE – BEGINNINGS” — Something for Everyone!

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