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Aguilar-Frausto Ward-Fujii Battle Bellator Semi-Finals

Aguilar-Frausto Ward-Fujii Battle Bellator Semi-Finals
Aguilar-Frausto Ward-Fujii Battle Bellator Semi-Finals

Aguilar-Frausto Ward-Fujii Battle Bellator Semi-Finals Four of the top ranked females fighters in the 115 pound division square off Thursday, with 2 of them talking to us about their preparations.

Bellator’s historic 115 pound tournament has been as exciting as people expected, as the top women in the division battled for their spot in the semi-finals. With Thursday vastly approaching, four women will be one step closer to being called the best women’s fighter in the 115 pound division.

Aguilar-Frausto Ward-Fujii Battle Bellator Semi-Finals

One semi-final is the rematch from three years ago, as # 4 ranked Lisa Ward faces # 1 ranked Megumi Fujii. Ward has been chomping at the bit to face Fujii once again, disappointed at the result of her last fight with “Mega Megu”. The undefeated Fujii looks to make her record 22-0 and secure her spot as one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world.

In the other semi-final, # 6 ranked Zoila Frausto hopes to outgun # 5 ranked Jessica Aguilar. This will be the first meeting of the two Latino-American fighters, who have been on win streaks as of late; Frausto with 3 and Aguilar with 4.We got a chance to talk to both Frausto and Aguilar on Fighter girls.

In training for this tournament, Frausto has moved to Cincinnati to train at Jorge Gurgel’s gym. See that her grappling game was lacking, she said that the move has helped her be a more well-rounded fighter.

“Before I got here, I didn’t have a ground game,” Frausto admitted. “In this match I can say I have one and I am confident in it.”

Even though Frausto will try to keep it standing, Aguilar says that she is prepared to take the fight wherever it may lead.

“I’m going to be ready for her stand-up, and if she wants to stand and bang, I’m going to stand and bang with her. Obviously I train with American Top Team, and we’re known for our ground. I’m going to see any opportunity to take her down to the ground.”

Aguilar also emphasized that her strength in her last match with Lynn Alvarez was her mental game, and that her training and previous matches have made her a more complete fighter.

“The more I train the more I fight, and the more experience I have,” Aguilar stated. “It’s about feeling the opponent, and not fighting with emotion. Just fighting with technique and seeing the opening to finish the fight as soon as possible.”

Frausto also felt that it is important to end the match quickly.

“She’s a tough girl. She not ranked for nothing. It looks to be a good tough fight, but nobody is going to take this away from me. I am going to go there, and I’m going to do what I can do and put her away as soon as I can.”

Both semi-final matches will air on Fox Sports Net on Thursday.

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