Aisling Daly Ireland Female Fighter

Aisling Daly Ireland Female Fighter

Aisling Daly Ireland Female Fighter

Aisling Daly Ireland Female Fighter

Aisling Daly Ireland Female Fighter In Ireland, only one fighter rules the women’s MMA division, and it’s not just because she is the only pro in the country. With a mind blowing 8-0 record, Aisling Daly is the number four ranked fighter in the super-flyweight division, and has yet to fight in the U.S. Something that Daly hopes to do someday.

Recently Daly took some time to talk about the European MMA scene and a possibly training in the U.S. Daly has been getting a lot of support from her fellow Irish brethren, something that she admits came from a fellow fighter paving the way.

“To be honest I haven’t really had too much of a negative reaction over here from anybody about female mixed martial arts,” Daly observed. “I don’t think there are many stereotypes or as much animosity towards females in sports in Ireland as there is in some other countries. I think everyone is pretty happy with women being out there and doing their best. Katie Taylor is a really good Irish boxer. She has won the world championship a couple of times. She’s done so much over here to promote women in combat sports. And it’s just an in thing; no one blinks an eye being a female in a combat sport, because she is so high profile in the country. She’s just so well know so, it’s just accepted now.”

Aisling Daly Ireland Female Fighter

She says wants to fight top tier fighters, which are limited in Europe.

“Rosi (Sexton) is number one at the WAMMA rankings at 125 and she is from the U.K. So that would be pretty big competition for me,” Daly states. “After that, I think in my weight class pretty much in Europe, I have beaten anyone who is near top level. I make a point of looking around and seeing what girls are up and coming and fighting in Europe and try to get a fight with them, because I always want to fight the best. To be the best you have to fight the best.”

Daly hopes one day to come across the pond to train and fight in the U.S. and prove that she has what it takes to be number one in the sport. It won’t be a permanent move, however.

“I think I’d have to come back to Ireland. I am bit of a home bored. I don’t think I could stay too far from Ireland for that long. And you guys have way too much sun over there. I’m like a pasty Irish girl. I’d burn too easy. I’d need too much sun block. I’d have to come home after sun stoke a few times.”

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