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All Women’s BJJ Tournament Success

All Women's BJJ Tournament Success
All Women’s BJJ Tournament Success

All Women’s BJJ Tournament Success Fighter Girls is so proud to be apart of what the “OC Register” called the “world’s record female jiu-jitsu tournament”! Subfighter MMA of Lake Forest organized this all-women BJJ tournament that attracted 100+ women all guaranteed at least three matches.

All Women’s BJJ Tournament Success

It is amazing to see this much support in women’s BJJ. Subfighter MMA held the event at Laguna Hills High and had women competing at all levels in six different weight classes. Adam Lynn, co-owner of Subfighter MMA, wanted to develop a tournament such as this for women to get involved in the sport in a more accessible manner.

“At many tournaments, people pay $100 or more and get one fight,” Lynn said. “It’s like one match and you’re done. We tried to model ours more like a wrestling match, where you work your art and get better each time. Nobody has really focused on an all-women’s tournament before. Most are mixed and often there are only a few women who sometimes end up competing against someone 20 pounds heavier.” (

Fighter Girls had the joy of sponsoring the events by providing the awesome medals. We always want to support our girls!

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