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Amanda Lucas – Back in the Saddle

Amanda LucasAmanda Lucas hopes the second time around is better than the first.

Everyone has to lose sometime, and sometimes you gain more by losing early on.

Amanda Lucas’s first fight in mma verses Nicole Kavanaugh in New Zealand didn’t go as well as she hoped, as she lost via a tko last year. However, Lucas is ready to get back on the winning track with a fight verse Christen Bedwell on the Freestyle Cage Fight in Tulsa.

This past week  Lucas took the time to talk about her first loss and what she has learned.

“I ended up losing my fight and honestly, it was a good experience and I took a lot from it. I learned a lot and I have trained a lot. I took away from that ‘I now know probably the worst that could happen in the cage.”

The training has also helped her learn more about her weaknesses and strengths as a fighter.

“I am definitely stronger on the ground. It’s where I enjoy it more. But actually right before I went to New Zealand, I discovered I really love to box and so I have been working on my hands a lot, and my footwork.”

Anyone could get discouraged with a loss in their first match, but Lucas feels that the road to the match is what drives her.

“I think for me, being able to fight and doing something like that makes me feel good just in terms of know I can put myself through the training. I had a lot of fun training and preparing.”

Lucas has trained hard to correct the mistakes in the past fight, and is now ready to face Bedwell as a lean, mean, fighting machine.

“I am stronger then I was when I went to New Zealand. I’m in better shape. Not to say I wasn’t in shape, but I am even stronger and my technique has gotten better. I am curious to see (if it helps me to win).”

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