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Amanda Wilcoxen American Girl Gone Good

Amanda Wilcoxen American Girl Gone Good
Amanda Wilcoxen American Girl Gone Good

Amanda Wilcoxen American Girl Gone Good “The All American Girl” gets ready for 10 in a row. One amateur win – you are on your way. Two amateur wins – pretty good. Nine amateur wins – very rare in women’s MMA.

A lot of women would go pro after three or four fights, but for Amanda Wilcoxen, she wants to get to the pros prepared. On Wilcoxen talked about training, her opinions of women’s MMA in the main stream, and her humble beginnings.

Amanda Wilcoxen American Girl Gone Good

“The All American Girl” has a story that every girl could understand. Wilcoxen was a shy, overweight girl in school, and martial arts soon helped her.

“I always got picked on a lot,” Wilcoxen admitted. “I was the most fat and chubby girl in the class that you could ever imagine. There were a lot of people picking on me when I got on the school bus. I was totally against fighting, which was awkward. That’s one of the reasons my mom got me into martial arts. It started to give me some confidence and learn how to defend myself.”

“I lost a good fifty pounds in the first year of working out.”

Wilcoxen continued training in Japanese jiu-jitsu and soon took on being a MMA fighter. She prides herself in her conditioning and technique, something that she saw the guys on this last season of “Ultimate Fighter” lacking.

“Their technique is so sloppy and their cardio sucks compared to the most basic female amateurs I’ve seen fight,” Wilcoxen observed. “The girl was 195 pounds. She was smoking and had two beers before one of these shows and she put on a way better fight then Dana White’s NFL players throughout the whole season.”

Amanda Wilcoxen American Girl Gone Good

Tonight in her home town of Toledo, OH, Wilcoxen’s 10th fight will feature a rematch with Bobby Jo Dalziel, who she defeated via a choke in the first match. Wilcoxen admits Dalziel is more dangerous this time, but she has improved as well and is hoping for another victory.

“Both of us have come a long way. She was the one that broke Moa Palmer’s arms. That was a really tough fight for both of them. But I feel pretty confident. I’ve watched her fights over and over again. I have a lot of respect for Bobby Jo. I have nothing to say bad about her. I feel really confident on my stand-up, and I have been watching a lot of her techniques. I am really confident I will get a knockout.”

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