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Ammy MMA Fighter Jocelyn Lybager

Ammy MMA Fighter Jocelyn LybagerAmmy MMA Fighter Jocelyn Lybager Jocelyn Lybarger talks to us about training, her sister, and her amateur career.

The 3-0 Jocelyn Lybarger will be seeking her first amateur title against Tuff-n-uff 115 pound champ Ashley Cummins this Friday night and you can watch it live at GoFightLive. for only $10.

Ammy MMA Fighter Jocelyn Lybager

We talk to her about her current success, her sister who is also on the card, and her training coming up to this pivotal match.

jillian lybarger

jocelyn jones-lybarger wife

jocelyn jones-lybarger sister

jocelyn jones-lybarger husband

nina ansaroff

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