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An interesting thing happened at Fighter girls

The other day we were all working at the office in Irvine CA and some women came by selling candy and gifts to help them raise money for the homeless shelter that they lived in.

The women’s shelter was located in Santa Ana California and these ladies came a long distance to help their cause! I forgot what the name of the shelter was but they were invited in by Debi Purcell the CEO of Fighter girls company and treated like queens while there! Debi loves to help out and trust me I think she would give the shirt off her back to someone in need!

These women stayed and chatted with all of us and told their stories to us about drug abuse, rape, and much more horrible things that women and girls suffer from! Debi Purcell then took them to the warehouse and set the women up with shirts, sweat shirts, and a hole bunch of clothing from Fighter girls!

We also gave them some money, which helps out right! I really feel bad that we live in one of the richest countries in the world and to see people hungry and without clothes to wear is horrible!

Debi Purcell Fighter Girls CEO Homeless People Donations

I also want to add this about Debi Purcell! I was riding in her car one day and there was a homeless person on the side of the road debi pulls over and asks me to hand her one of the bags in her back seat so I did but she told me no that is for females grab the other ones. Well, apparently Debi makes homeless bags for people in need and hands them out! I asked her what was in it and she said the bags have personal stuff for men and women all have toothbrush, toothpaste, food, like energy bars water shaving cream and razors, tampons and hand wipes! So we handed it to the guy who was really happy and said god bless you! Most people do not talk or will not give a second look at a homeless person but Debi says they are people suffering and if I can put a smile on their face for just a moment all is great! I learned a lot from her and her huge heart to help all those in need! We all live on this earth together so lets help someone in need and it does not need to be Christmas to do this!

How Does Debi Purcell Fighter Help with Donations

I asked Debi the same question you probably would say! They are just going to get drunk or use drugs! Debi’s reply was why don’t you wear those oiled clothes and not take a bath or shower for a month and then sleep outside and tell me if you would not use alcohol or drugs? Debi also said if that is what makes them happy than why not? Life is all about being happy and living it to the fullest each and every day! Debi Purcell the once toughest female fighter has a soft side with love and giving back to all people in need!

Debi Purcell Victory fighter girls gym Debi Purcell - Founder of Fighter Girls Debi Purcell

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Whiplash! Queen of the cage

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