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Anna Barone Open for the Fight Biz

Anna BaroneMMA fighter Anna Barone gets ready to do some “aggressive negotiations” inside the cage.

MMA fighter Anna Barone knows how to battle. Be it in negotiating a real estate deal or being in the cage. Barone says that her analytical thinking helps in both.

“I’m driven in my career to do the best I can, and in the nature of what I do I am kind of integrating from different aspect to produce the best product or to produce the best situation. In my MMA training I am doing the same. I am taking from all the different disciplines to make the best situation for myself.”

Barone is about to take on her first professional opponent this coming Saturday at the Wreck MMA card, and took some time to talk to  about preparing for her debut. Barone hasn’t been alone on this journey, as ring-girl-turned-MMA-fighter Cindy Bertinato has been helping her train, and has been video taping their exploits.

“This was kind of a journey for me. It was an experience, and I wanted to document it,” Barone commented. “We decided to take it on together. Being able to have her along the road, whether it is her filming me or being able to teach her a few things, it’s fantastic. I train with a lot of great group of men; an amazing team of guys at Fit MMA. However, to have that female presence it’s something to cherish. It’s fantastic.”

Barone sees women’s MMA as a sustainable sport, and wants to do her part to make sure it is there for everyone for years to come.

“Another goal is to develop the sport as much as I could,” Barone expressed. “Not only be a participant in it, but also help to develop it as best I could.”

“This way when the day comes that I do stop fighting, that I have given as much as I could to the sport and I can still continue develop the sport I have a passion for.”

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