Ashlee Won’t Let Black Eye Get Her Down

Ashlee Won't Let Black Eye Get Her Down
Ashlee Won’t Let Black Eye Get Her Down

Ashlee Won’t Let Black Eye Get Her Down

Fighter Ashlee Won’t Let Black Eye Get Her Down Fighter Girls Sponsored athlete and Tuff-N-Uff 140 lb. belt, Ashlee Evans-Smith, talks about her disappointing loss by KO for the 145 lb. title and her upcoming plans to turn pro. This girl is bursting with positivity and is truly an inspiring athlete! We can’t wait to see her get back in the cage and do her thing.

Ashlee Won’t Let Black Eye Get Her Down

1. My last fight in Las Vegas against Veronica Rothenhausler was upsetting for me to say the least. I was really hoping to take home a second belt after winning the 140lb title for Tuff n Uff the month before. I wanted that fight to be my last amateur fight and to enter the pro ranks with a bang so to speak. The fight itself is a great lesson learned.

I take something extremely valuable away from every fight and this one is no different. The fight wasn’t that long so my recap won’t be either but I know I made some tactical mistakes and some might say that I “got caught” regardless, I am extremely humble as always and am very happy for my opponent. There is nothing I can or want to say that can take away her victory. She earned it & that’s great for her. However, I would take a rematch in a heartbeat.

2. My plans now – I am focused on training harder and working diligently on my standup. A training error that I might have made in my last camp when preparing to
fight a striker was not putting enough emphasis on my own stand up. I do not have a specific fight date or opponent as of right now. I am still looking to the future of my pro career. I know that I am ready to fight in the pro ranks & will pick my debut fight in the next month or so. The most important thing for me right now is
excelling in technique and being 110% ready for the next time I step in the cage.

Ashlee Won’t Let Black Eye Get Her Down

3. I am lucky enough to be able to train with some of the best professional athletes in the MMA game. I train at Reign training center in Lake Forest California. Mark Munoz is the head coach there but we also have amazing athletes that work with us all the time. Some of the fighters that share their experiences are Jake
Ellenberger, Kristof Sosznski, Jason “mayhem” Miller, Jay Silva, Lew Polley, Jason Manly,Emanuel Newton & many more that I’m probably forgetting.

4. Inspiration and motivation? MMA has been a great sport for me to transition to from wrestling. After wrestling competitively for 7 years and assistant coaching 1,I knew that it was going to be hard to just stop with contact sports. Fortunately I found MMA…well.. MMA really found me. If I don’t train for a day or two I start to feel bad about myself. Not because I didn’t work out and burn off my big dinner from the night before but because I know I could be bettering myself. I believe in myself, I know I have the potential to be one of the best-I just need to consistently apply myself and that inner thought alone is usually enough to motivate and inspire me.

I also just love training. Wrestling, striking, grappling it’s all very fun to me. There are certain aspects about the sport just like anything in life that aren’t perfect but generally I love everything about MMA… and all we ever want to do is what we love, right? I’m lucky to be healthy enough to compete in a sport like MMA and I’m never going to take that for granted-not one day.

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Published on: Aug 10, 2012 @ 18:38

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