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Ashley Weakley’s Golden Aspirations

Ashley Weakley’s Golden Aspirations
Ashley Weakley’s Golden Aspirations

Ashley Weakley’s Golden Aspirations Fightergirls team member Ashley Weakley goes for the Tuff’n’uff 135 pound crown on Friday. It has been a short, but very productive year for amateur MMA fighter Ashley Weakley. After getting her first ever mma fight under her belt, she was thrown into the Tuff-N-Uff MMA 135 pound tournament.

Ashley Weakley’s Golden Aspirations

We had an opportunity to talk to her on

Weakley only started boxing about five years ago, but wasn’t finding opponents last year. The decision to do MMA was an easy one for her.

“I just wanted to get back into something competitive, so in November we decided to train for MMA,” Weakley stated. “We got the first fight scheduled for Chicago, and set a goal to get there by March. I went out there, won the first fight, and the rest just feel into place after that.”

She has been undefeated in her amateur career with three of her four fights ending in the first round. She is surprised about how far her career has come in such a short time.

“We just wanted to get one fight out of the way and see what happens, but when we were planning this, before we had any fights scheduled, I didn’t think we’d be fighting in Vegas nine months after training for this,” Weakley admitted. “It was an amazing opportunity to get a chance to fight in this Tuff-N-Uff competition; especially for their first 135 pound title. Once I got the opportunity, I couldn’t turn it down.”

Weakley is considerably taller for the 135 pound division, and it has helped her gain an advantage in her previous wins. She hopes to use that in finals verse Cunanan.

“My reach is one of my best attributes as far as the stand-up goes. Once I’m on the ground, I guess it easier to have longer legs to pull off the submissions.”

Weakley expressed that she’s like to take some brief time off to get her game solid after this fight, but is confident she will take home the gold.

“I am ready to out there and take the belt home.”

Ashley Weakley will be hosting the official Tuff-N-Uff after party at DeJa Vu Las Vegas after the fights.

The 125 pound title will also be on the line as Jenny Yum will face Stephanie Eggick in the tournament finals.

The Tuff-N-Uff card will be streamed live for only $5 this Friday starting at 7 p.m. pacific/10 p.m. eastern at GoFightLive.

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