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Barb Honchak – Bring the Competition On

Barb HonchakAs Super Saturday approaches, Barb Honchak gets ready for battle.

The world of MMA isn’t pretty, but for Barb Honchak, the competition is pretty sweet.

Honchak talked about her training going into her Jan. 30 fight with Cat Albert at the Fight to Win: Phenoms in Denver.

Honchak admits that she was more of a princess back then.

“I was a girly girl in high school,” Honchak admitted. “It’s really funny. When I see the people I haven’t seen since high school and they find out about it, the comments I get are pretty funny. They are like, ‘ Really? How did you get into that? This is really weird.’”

Honchak did do sports such as track and soccer during her high school career, however. MMA really wasn’t her thing until an old friend turned her on to the UFC, and she started grappling. She eventually took up MMA, and wound up training a few times a month with fighter Valerie Coolbaugh. Honchak enjoys having a fellow fighting comrade close by.

“It is very wonderful because I have a training partner that is similar in weight and height,” Honchak added. “It’s a huge advantage I think. Valerie is a little more experienced than I am, so she always brings the knowledge from her previous fights too.”

Looking towards her upcoming fight, Honchak is ready for anything.

“Cat is a very strong wrestler,” Honchak stated. “She’s an extremely aggressive stand-up fighter and she isn’t too bad with her jiu-jitsu either. So, my plan with Cat is to take the fight wherever it goes.”

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