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BBC Takes a Looks into Women’s MMA

Rosi Sexton
BBC Takes a Looks into Women’s MMA

A British documentary featuring Rosi Sexton and Lisa Higo takes a look at women in the sport, and U.S. audiences will also be able to see it.

Women’s MMA in Europe is about to get a lot of exposure.

The BBC will be airing “Cage Fight Women” on their acclaimed “Storyville” program Jan. 14. The documentary about women in MMA fighting will feature # 1 ranked 125 pounder Rosi Sexton, and # 8 ranked 115 pounder Lisa Higo. They will be talking about how they got involved in the sport, and their lives inside and outside the cage.

For those not in Europe, the documentary will be available online at:


The Express UK have also posted a story on their website:

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