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Blackeye Promotions women’s MMA

Blackeye Promotions women's MMA
Blackeye Promotions women’s MMA

Blackeye Promotions women’s MMA Per Janet Martin, “Women’s MMA has a home at BlackEye!” BlackEye Entertainment hopes to become a leading promoter of women’s MMA, and they are off to a great start after putting on a fight card this past weekend featuring 4 top notch pro women’s bouts. The women took full advantage of the opportunity to showcase their talent, bringing the crowd the their feet and making new fans of WMMA.

Blackeye Promotions women’s MMA

In the most anticipated women’s fight of the night, Olympic wrestler Sara McMann finished Olympic weightlifter Julie Malenfant in a quick 32 seconds. McMann wasted no time taking Malenfant to the ground and securing the mount, ending the fight with a heavy barrage of punches to Malenfant’s head for the TKO.

Women’s Fight of the Night went to Glena Avila and Angelica Brotherton. Avila came in as a late replacement making her pro debut, but went the distance with Brotherton, pulling off an armbar submission in the last minute of round 3. The film team for Fight Dreams, a feature-length documentary that follows Avila and her dream to become a professional cage fighter, were there to capture the moment as Avila secured her first pro win.

Ediene Gomes quickly submitted Kat Alendal with an ankle lock at 0:42 in the first round, and Vanessa Mariscal finished Colleen Schneider with a rear naked choke at 1:40 in round 3. Blackeye Promotions women’s MMA

BlackEye promoter Scott Crosby is both a fan and supporter of WMMA and made a marked impression on the women as a sincere promoter who has the best interests of the fighters at heart. Crosby envisions BlackEye as a promotion that can help build women’s divisions and give the women a solid opportunity to showcase their skills. With Janet Martin on their team, they’ve got a great chance of pulling it off.

Blackeye Promotions women’s MMA

Janet and her partner Marie Gillette are personal sponsors of WMMA for BlackEye Promotions and were the driving force behind the stacked women’s card. Last night in the cage, Janet came out and announced to the world “Women’s MMA has a home at BlackEye!” Janet is quickly making a name for herself in the business world of WMMA and hopes to create a network resource that will bring together female fighters, trainers, managers, matchmakers, promoters, sponsors, and vendors.

I believe that if we can organize WMMA and have a resource that can be tapped into, we can establish depth in all weight divisions at the amateur and professional levels which will make WMMA fights and events more marketable and will create better opportunities for female fighters, furthering the quality of competition of WMMA and bringing it to a new level of excitement and entertainment that MMA fans will embrace and celebrate.”

This was BlackEye’s 4th event in Asheville, NC. With a solid show now in place, BlackEye is ready to move forward and put on regional fights in the SouthEast featuring both amateur and pro men’s and women’s MMA. They plan to do another show in North Carolina in October.

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