Brace For War First All-Women’s Card

Brace For War First All-Women's Card
Brace For War First All-Women’s Card

Brace For War First All-Women’s Card One of the largest MMA fight organizations in Australia, “Brace for War” is having it’s first all-women’s card October 27th on the Gold Coast. This promotion has been receiving a lot press and some speculation as to whether there will be enough girls to fill the card.

Brace For War First All-Women’s Card

Not only is the card filled with 17 fights but we get the feeling more could be added! The main bouts will be Alex Chambers from Sydney versus TBA opponent from Japan and Claire Fryer from Bisbane also with a TBA opponent from Japan. Fiona Muxlow will also be matched against Leanne Ried.

Fight Card to date:

Alex Chambers vs TBA (JAPAN)
Claire Fryer vs TBA (JAPAN)
Fiona Muxlow vs Leanne Ried
Sarah Morrison vs Rachel Sheridan
Tanya Stevens vs Mae-Lin Leow
Shauna Carew vs Gina Cardillo
Meg Gallagher vs TBA
Janice Yee vs TBA
Linda Nikeller vs TBA
Rhiannon Thompson vs TBA
Natalie Hills vs Samantha Manderson
Rebecca Steward vs Maryanne Mulhaly
Lisa Sutton vs Belinda Sedgwick
Kerry Barrett vs Brettlyn Neal
Daniela Marjanovic vs Carlie Renee
Kayla Woodbury vs Tam Ward
Lana Kate vs Tash Carter

Not only are the girls getting their own card, but the event will be streamed LIVE in Japan.

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